Friday, 30 August 2013

Two of My 3 Minute Stories

#1 3 Minute Story:
He saw it as he rushed the car fast as the blood dripped from his head. The image was engraved in his mind it made him crazy. People thought he was seeing things, people didn't believe him. He had crashed and landed inside the water. The doors were locked and he was trapped. He saw the key, but as he went to grab it, the thing grabbed him. It knocked him out by just grabbing him. It took him to it’s territory and left him rotting. He woke up and coughed blood out of his mouth. He didn't know how he got there and what had happened. It came back and tried to possess him. He had got him. It was taking over his body. It was now in control of everything he could ever do. Variously, he slapped his face so hard it left marks of suicidal.

#2 3 Minute Story:
I glanced at the shivery cold blue water, waiting and waiting for him to get me. I was trapped. How could I get out? As the sudden cloud of death had stopped over my head, I then saw what I thought I saw. I saw stripped animals fighting and roaring for their families to help. No one had come to their sentence. I saw blood dripping past my eye as I blinked in slow motion. I tilted my head back and then put it on straight. I gazed into the losing tigers eye and saw he was wanting to be saved. All of a sudden the death cloud passed and the fighting stopped. The striped animals walked off. I wailed with tears of sorrow floating down my face. My furry skin was all sticky and icky to feel. I couldn't get out!

This is my 3 Minute Story Making document. Be sure to leave me some comments including FF and FB! 

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