Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Room 7 Back To School

This is my back to school presentation. It's all about what back to school mean and how it will effect our lives. Take a look! Be sure to 

My Goal Setting Presentation

This is my Goal Setting Presentation that I created using GooglePresentation. I took my time presenting  this, making sure that it makes sense. It took me triple editing for me to blog this. Please be sure to leave me a comment before you run away again!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Wonders Of The Game

WALT - use poetic language in our description.

I feel as though I’m going to win this game. Debbie hasn’t even looked here. Should I go out and look for her? Or should I just stay here? I don’t know, well I’ll stay here! The dampness of the bark is making me itch all over, I feel nervous to be caught and happy in a way  to not be caught. The insects are crawling around inside the bark like crazy.

I taste the damp, moist bark crawling into my mouth. I can taste my drips of sweat as they drip onto my face like  droplets of rain! I taste the sweet scent of flowers rising, and rising in the crisp air.

I hear cars zooming past and their brakes screeching to stop. Kids and people having
I fun and laughing as happy as ever. Dogs barking, and birds chirping! Rustling leaves and swaying trees. How wonderful can it be?

The damp moist tree trunk smelling like nothing, popcorn popping in the air. I smell the lawn just being mowed by one of the most best mowers. I sniff myself and I smell like soap. As clean as ever! I sniff the air. Lollypops I guess? Well I don't know.

I see other trees swaying and standing straight as tall as giraffes. Children, people and families playing tag or rugby. Birds wings flapping and flipping as they fly happily out of their nests and cars driving past so fast that they’re being chased by the police. I can see the bees gathering and collecting pollen for us to create honey.The sunshine is just shining on me so bright that I can’t even look up to it. Now that I’ve been here for a long time now, I must go home and seek for Debbie, to play again.

This is my description on a picture of a boy who is hiding behind a big tree. To see the picture look below. I hope you like it. Please leave me some positive comments on how I did.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Self Description!

MA TE ATUA ME TE WAHI NGARO TATOU E TIAKI E MANAAKI, NAU TE WHATU MAORI (be humble, don’t flaunt your knowledge, through the eye of Maori). I do not try to be better than anyone else, I try to be better than myself.
Kia Ora,  my name is Caprice. My culture is Maori Cook Island and I am proud of it! I am 11 years old. The school I go to is Tamaki Kura and I’m in room 7. My name is French Italian. It means that I have an jovial nature but is apt to have an emotional life. I am a sporty person. This means that I like to play sports inside and out of school. I’m a outgoing because I am not shy to contribute in anything such as school sports teams. Funny because I always tell my friends things that are really funny to them, and a dreamer because I dream of being a scientist who studies bodies! My hobbies include hanging out in my room, hanging out with my friends, or just  kicking back with my funny family at home. Sometimes I want to save my pocket money, but then I end up spending it. My favourite singer is Beyonce because she inspires me to sing! I have wavy, ink black hair, with traces of brown in it. As dark as chocolate. My eye colour is light brown. They are the colour of dark brown tree trunks. I love to study and learn more about whatever it is we are learning. My favourite subject for college is going to be history. This is because I love to study about the truth, not just things that are made up out of peoples minds. The special thing about me is that I’m the only girl in my family and I get anything I like. I am a responsible person who knows how to take care of myself like a golden bird flying around the world to try and capture others to take care of(but I have to ask first their parents first).

F is for father
A is for and
M is for mother
I is for I
L is for love
Y is for you. In my family I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I have one pet puppy named Yogi Bear. My brothers names are Cavhyon who is 10 years old, Dupri who is 8 years old, and Daimai who is 8 years old also. My mums name is Ariana, my dads name is Jimi, and my step dads name is Rex. I love my family because they treat me the way I want to be treated. My mum and dad whai kai mo to whanau (provides food for my family) and always loves us well. I love my family and I don’t want them to change to impress my friends or anyone else!

I come from the Tamaki Community and I am proud of it! Our community is clean and sometimes it’s a rubbish bin! Theres a few beaches around our community and there are public pools. I am so lucky to have the friends I have now, they are talented and inspiring, these friends are: Ngatokurua, Beautiful, Bella, Destiny, Charday, Fili, Faith, Mei, Brooklyn, Unique, Salome, Harmony, Lolo, William, Quita, Lesieli, Sake, Peter, Mavis, Sam, and many more.

My favourite sport is Rugby because I can just run through people like I’m flying on the ground. Netball is another option because you can shoot hoops and my mum loved playing it when she was young, so she passed the experience down to me! I go to a Marae in Thames, which was where I was born and raised until the age of 3.
Also I love to do kapa haka, and sing Maori songs with my mum and dad! My mum calls our family the Te whanau o te harakeke which means the family of flax. This is because we have flax all inside our house, and we love to use it to make kete’s, Maori flowers, and more. Algunos de mis otras aficiones son apoyar a mis hermanos como una molesta mosca ellos y observando cada uno de sus pasos. Soy muy protectora de mis hermanos, a pesar de que tenemos nuestro tiempo en casa (some of my other hobbies include supporting my brothers like a fly bugging them and watching their every step. I am very protective over my brothers, even though sometimes we have our times at home or even out of home!)

My hopes and fears for this year at Tamaki Primary School, is that I’m afraid that I might grow and my personality might change, then I might hate the friends I was really friends with for a long time. My hopes are to become a responsible leader for the younger ones at our school. I want to become a reliable trustworthy person who can take care of herself with no help from others, who can take care of others as well. I fear of me becoming a horrible,bad person to one and others. I hope that things will not change, I hope that I get a better life if I just keep calm and learn at school. Being at T.P.S for 4 years has been an experience for me to know that I’m not the only person in the world! to know that there are others out there who have hopes and fears too. I want hope that in Room 7 all this thinking about me being a bad person will change and it starts right now! I want to achieve my goals and I want to achieve my work in Intermediate, I want to leave this class at the end of this year with a big smile on my face, looking back at the times I mucked up, and remembering that it’s just the beginning of the end!! My fears is not getting an excellence in my description. I want to develope, I want to use more critical thinking to understand the type of language that we are talking about. I want to use more of my prior knowledge to figure out clues in something I’m reading, I want to improve on my maths, and I definitely look forward to trips this year. Don’t lose hope, when the sun goes down the stars go out! Smile let everyone know that TODAY you’re alot stronger than yesterday.

This is my Self Description. I have used poetic language and language that has represented me! This is what I look like:

Friday, 15 February 2013

My Goals

My Reading goal is to...
Use my inferring skills and my prior knowledge to understand the clues that the reader is trying to give me when I read his/her books.

My Writing goal is to...
To use deeper thinking(critical thinking, poetic language, descriptive words), instead of basic words that a year 6/5 would use!

My Maths goal is to...
Try and reach higher than the National Standard by the end of this year

My personal goal is to...
Try and stop myself from working when we have to stop!

Build Ups and Put Downs

This is my PowerPoint that I created using Google Docs presentation. This is about Build Ups and Put Downs. Build ups are positive sayings and Put downs are negative sayings! Please leave me some comments!!

Maths Symbol's

This is my Maths Symbol's Presentation. I created this using a Google Docs PowerPoint Presentation. This is about all the different types of maths symbols, and to understand them! WALT identify and understand maths language.

Samoan Language

Talofa lava le vasega - Hello Class
O a'u o Caprice- My name is Caprice
Ou te nofo i Panmure- I live in Panmure
Ou te alu i le aoga o Tamaki Primary - I go to Tamaki Primary

Vasega fitu o te i ai - I am in Room 7
Ou te fiafia e alu i le a'oga - I like going to school

Ou te fiafia e tautala fa'asamoa - I like speaking in Samoan

WALA The samoan language. This is how I can introduce myself in the Samoan language.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Brother Poem

WALT use metaphors to describe others in our family!
This is my poem about my brother Daimai.  Please leave me a comment!!!

Friday, 8 February 2013


This is my Popplet. This Popplet was created using
We had to think of as many things to do with ADOLESCENCE. Adolescence is all about GROWING UP! Relationships, young adults and much much more. So please please leave me som ecomments about how I did!

Back To School

This is my Popplet I created using
We had to think of as many words to do with Back To School. In my Popplet I have added the following words: School, Writing, Reading, Inquiry, Literacy, P.E, and more words to do with Back To School. Please leave me some positive comments about how I did!