Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Waimahia Intermediate!

Last week on Thursday, I started a new school. This is a school In Manurewa, it's called Waimahia Intermediate. I needed a new start and it began here. I am living with my aunty on my dads side. I hope everyone is doing well at TPS. No matter what, you's will always be my family. Although, I do know some people do not feel that way for me. I will always cherish the years I spent at TPS, right from when i first started until now! Waimahia Intermediate, is a good school, but I know that it'll never beat TPS!! My closest friends Malia, Leigh-Amber, MAOPA, HARMONY, and many many others, especially my good friend MAVIS! I'm going to miss all of yous so much. I hope all is well for everyone and their futures, have fun this year, Year 8's, listen to your teachers. Be a good, responsible role model for your younger ones, and to all those teahcers who have had to put up with me for 5 years, thankyou for all the sacrifices you made me me and our TPS students, thankyou for always being here for me when I needed it at most time, thankyou for believing in me and celebrating with not only me but my brothers. Thankyou for maing me the person I am today! I will never forget all the things yous all did for me! Thankyou for putting education in me and helping me when I needed help. Loves yous all even the annoying ones! Goodluck for your guys journey in life, I hope one day we will all meet again, but until that day, goodbye. Not forever, but until nextime!! Lots of love and mana :) Caprice xo