Friday, 30 August 2013

Two of My 3 Minute Stories

#1 3 Minute Story:
He saw it as he rushed the car fast as the blood dripped from his head. The image was engraved in his mind it made him crazy. People thought he was seeing things, people didn't believe him. He had crashed and landed inside the water. The doors were locked and he was trapped. He saw the key, but as he went to grab it, the thing grabbed him. It knocked him out by just grabbing him. It took him to it’s territory and left him rotting. He woke up and coughed blood out of his mouth. He didn't know how he got there and what had happened. It came back and tried to possess him. He had got him. It was taking over his body. It was now in control of everything he could ever do. Variously, he slapped his face so hard it left marks of suicidal.

#2 3 Minute Story:
I glanced at the shivery cold blue water, waiting and waiting for him to get me. I was trapped. How could I get out? As the sudden cloud of death had stopped over my head, I then saw what I thought I saw. I saw stripped animals fighting and roaring for their families to help. No one had come to their sentence. I saw blood dripping past my eye as I blinked in slow motion. I tilted my head back and then put it on straight. I gazed into the losing tigers eye and saw he was wanting to be saved. All of a sudden the death cloud passed and the fighting stopped. The striped animals walked off. I wailed with tears of sorrow floating down my face. My furry skin was all sticky and icky to feel. I couldn't get out!

This is my 3 Minute Story Making document. Be sure to leave me some comments including FF and FB! 

My Basic Facts Post:

WALT quickly recall our times tables from 1-12.

4x10= 40
10x5= 50
3x11= 33
7x7= 49
6x4= 24
12x3= 36
8x5= 40
5x7= 35
3x2= 6
0x2= 2
6x6= 36
5x8= 40
7x4= 28
4x0= 4
8x4= 32
9x6= 54
9x11= 99
5x0= 5
7x8= 56

This is my Basic facts from 1-12. Please leave me comments as I need them for my next posts. Include FF and FB in your comments please.

6 Hats Reflection, Term 2

This is my 6 Hats End Of Term Reflection for Term 2. I know it's a late post, but at least I posted it! Be sure to give me some comments about my work including FF and FB!

How To Play Wild, Wild, Taxi...

This is my procedural text presentation on how to play wild, wild, taxi. Be sure to leave me some comments about my work that include FF and FB about my work!

My Goal Setting Presentation 2013 Term 3

This is my Goal Setting Presentation I created to follow the right pathway in learning. Be sure to shoot me a comment as the ball hit's through the hoop. Make sure it includes FF and FB for my next piece of work!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Firework...

This is my firework display description. Be sure to leave me some comments including FF and FB!

As my mother and I trotted towards the centre of the bridge, with our heads looking up into the sky. Eating candy floss the colour of a fluffy pink cloud. The bright colours of the fireworks made us hiccup.
I could scent the crisp air taking over the yucky smell as the firework rose it’s body out into the air to show off. As if it’s never been out before. Boom! The loud clap made a thunderous noise inside my ears. Creating a flood with my blood. Carefully tapping them, I could hear again.

As my mother and I laid down on the hard concrete floor, we stared up at the sky, creating sky limits within our sight. I could see smiling faces and happy families. I saw an orange sky and very big flies.

Te Ra asleep, Te Marama wide awake. Shining his white circle body into the darkness. As it began to get darker and darker. More fireworks were released into the air. Creating a loom in the night. Brightening up the world. Telling people they better watch out!

I put my head down and turned on my stomach. I looked down beneath the bridge where boats passed slowly and the sea crinkled softly as it left waves when a boat was passed a point. I could taste the sea salt making my taste buds spew. The different flavours of the fireworks were just delicious.

Turning back on my back, putting down all of my digestive system, I put my head back up towards the sky. A horizon line I saw in the distance. Still a bit close though.

Several times, wind blew me over. Making me dizzy as I laid on the floor. Spinning my head seeing the sight of what fireworks looked like when I was dizzy, was such a majestic sight. I was still spinning my head round and round a couple of minutes later. Stopping, everything was constantly going clockwise until I rubbed my blue and green eyes. Back to normal.

Mother and I stood up off the concrete, wiped all the little rocks off our backs and began to walk home. All the excitement was now over, people were beginning to get tired and walked home as if nothing happened at all!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Zoo Trip Narrative:)

This is my Zoo Trip Narrative I worked on and put my heart into. Be sure to leave me some comments about my work! That include FF and FB!

My orange striped fur slowly peeled off my back as I walked into the jungle, feeling defeated and exhausted. The scars still existed on my body. The sacrifices I made, the lives I killed. Blood dripped from my mouth to the dirt. I had then realised that what I had done was wrong. But I can’t help it when I’m hungry. Turning around helplessly hoping and hoping that another animal of my kind would just turn up and become friends with me. To take me with their family and to love me like I am one of theirs. As far as I could see, no animal in this jungle would ever want to take me in.

It all began on one stormy, windy, coastal, drizzly night. My mother had gone out to hunt for me. To feed me. I was only a young cub back then. The storm was so strong, it picked me up and drew me to somewhere unexpected. I landed in huge bones faced upside down, sharp points first. One of the bones dug into my side and I was unaware of where I was. I roared as loud as I could but it was unable to reach my mother. I heard her calling me. I tried to call back. But I wasn’t loud enough. I felt a surge of water pushing out of my eyes. The deafening sound of silence made it completely eerie in my ear. I had a feeling I was in extreme trouble. I heard cries of other animals stranded with me. I was in so much pain. I swaggered, limping trying not to put all my weight onto my back leg which was where the pain was located at. I was starving. Desperate to find food.

A strange looking thing was moving towards me. Making a loud irritating sound which was a sound unfamiliar to me. It was noisy with no legs. It had four big round things which was making it move. I saw a human pop it’s head out of the thing with a long, black, scary looking stick. Then all of a sudden the stick exploded with an almighty thunderous noise. Fire had come out of the stick. Spreading smoke all over the place. Something hit me like a pain I’ve never felt before. A deep fire started up in my leg and as I look down, there was a big hole with blood gushing out of it. I looked in disbelief! Shocked at what had happened. But the thing is, what did happen? What hit me? I tried to run as fast as I could but I was in  severe pain.This was pain I had never felt before. I wanted to stop but my conscious was telling me to keep going. My heart was pumping out of my chest. My eyes were popping out their sockets. I was in trouble.

Finally as I stopped running, I saw a field with long grass. I ran to to grass and laid my leg down. All the gushing, gloomy blood was calming down. All of a sudden, I felt dizzy and everything around me was going clockwise and my focus was out of control. Blinking more than 10 times every second, they began to close slowly.
Pfft, I was lying there. Eyes closed, mouth shut, no breaths coming out of my mouth. A couple of hours  later I woke up in the same place. I said to myself  “Tiger with a coat of dissimilar stripes, when he’s angry, tiger swipes. Tiger cautious, guarding his lair. Danger lurking, tiger aware. Tiger hungry, so he hunts. Tiger quarry, tiger confronts. Tiger waiting, being sly. undercover, no tiger espy. Tiger detects now he purrs. Hunger pangs, tiger stirs. Tiger quick, must now surprise. Here we have on tiger, wise. Tiger from his throat he roars. Stretching out those tiger claws. Tiger moving stealthy pelt. Expiration, by tiger dealt. Tiger now belly filled. Anger passed, on tiger stilled. Tiger sleeping with the pride. Craving gone tiger satisfied. Tiger such a majestic sight. Near
extinction, tiger fights. Tiger beautiful and so fine. Tiger we must have respect. For your great tiger intellect.”

Looking around me, seeing blur. Trying to figure out what to do. I swipe my eyes, poking one of them. Rub them until I can see clearly. My eyes ached as I blinked. My muscles were stiff. Lurking around trying to deal with my aching eyes, I saw a water fountain. I slowly used my arms to push my body up. I reached my feet. Feeling my eyes getting better, I carefully walked to the water fountain as I was desperate for a drink. I licked the sweet tasting water as some of it dropped from my mouth back into the fountain. Ahh. At last a refreshing taste of sweetness. The crisp taste of the water clicked my leg and began to heal. Seconds later, my leg was about to be better. I was so so hungry. I needed food. I saw something move in the bushes as I put my head up. Bending my back down, keeping my head up, waiting for the right moment to attack. A gust of wind passed through me. It was telling me to wait for the right moment. Finally, the right moment was here and I was ready to attack. Scratching my mouth open and roaring it loudly, I ran towards the bushes and slammed my mouth shut, chewing on the delicious meat that was caught in my teeth! Satisfied I was. Delicious I said. After my massive meal, I saw a concrete pathway that I followed. It lead me here! To the forest.

Now I feel exhausted and defeated, I may lay my head down and never open my eyes again! Goodbye my fellow friends, I will see you in a while!

Back To School:

This is my Back To School piece of writing I will be including in my Zine. Be sure to shoot me some cool comments including FF and FB!

What does back to school mean to you?
Are you looking forward to attending school again?
Do you really want to go to school?
You might be thinking ‘what’s the point of going to school?’ Well, school educates you and gets you ready for the future. Without school. how would you know anything? How would you know what information means? School is a 5 day routine from 9 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. If you can sit and listen to a teacher for 6 hours a day, then you’ll survive it until the holidays or weekends. School is a place where you can see your friends, where you can learn more each day of your life. Wagging school? Why? Because you hate it? If you just come to school to be a put down and not listen. Then why come to school? Stay home if you hate it so much! School IS SCHOOL! You go to school, learn, have lunch, learn some more, have lunch, learn then go home. If it’s too much for you. Why bother to come to school.

Time Limits:

In school, you are given a time limit to finish your work. At most schools, children don’t finish their work as the time limit given. Children need to speed up their work

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Ancetral Poem

Ancestors and Me!
I am a Maori and Cook Island Queen,
A daughter who is desperate to learn
Who is desperate to succeed.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Who has nothing to hide
Who is gratefully proud.
I feel the power of my ancestors flowing through my veins healing me in times of sorrowThe strength of my ancestors is the roar held within a tame tiger
The aroha of my whanau strengthens me.
I stand strong with pride as my culture and my beliefs shape who I am today.

My Cook Island ancestors are forceful shields from Aitutaki,
At war with anyone who will try and take us away!
They are the wood that will never snap in  half,
The cloth that will never rip.
My Maori ancestors are peaceful waves washing out any pollution
They are the book that will never close
The concrete that will never crack.
The stars that will never stop shining.
The karanga is called at the Marae to my long lost whanau
The waiata is sung strongly among passed down generations.
Their struggles will not be forgotten
Their flesh, blood and bone is carried within me.
Their mana is carried upon me.
Although I cannot see them,
Doesn’t mean I don’t dream of them.
Ma te atua me te wahi ngaro tatou e tiaki manaaki, nau  te whatu Maori.

Author Study Research: Jeff Kinney

The Wonders Of The Game

This is my Wonders Of The Game piece of writing. It is about a young boy who plays hiding-go-seek with his older sister and he goes on a adventure while he is hiding. When you shoot a hoop, shoot a comment up to me including FF and FB.
I feel as though I am going to win this game. Debbie hasn’t even looked here. Should I go out and look for her? Or should I just stay here? I don’t know, well I’ll stay here! The dampness of the bark is making me itch all over, I feel nervous to be caught and happy to not be caught. The insects are crawling around inside the bark like crazy.

I taste the damp, moist bark crawling into my mouth. My tears are salty, but I don’t even know why I am crying softly. I can taste my drips of sweat as they drip onto my face like droplets of rain! I taste the sweet scent of flowers rising, and rising in the crisp air.

I hear cars zooming past and their brakes screeching to stop. Kids and people having fun and laughing as happy as ever. Dogs barking, and birds chirping! Rustling leaves and swaying trees. How wonderful can it be?

The damp moist tree trunk smelling like nothing, popcorn popping in the air. I smell the lawn just being mowed by one of the most best mowers. I sniff myself and I smell like soap. As clean as ever! I sniff the air. Lollypops I guess? Well I don't know.

I see other trees swaying and standing straight as tall as giraffes. Children, people and families playing tag or rugby. Birds wings flapping and flipping as they fly happily out of their nests and cars driving past so fast that they’re being chased by the police. I can see the bees gathering and collecting pollen for us to create honey.The sunshine is just shining on me so bright that I can’t even look up to it. Now that I’ve been here for a long time now, I must go home and seek for Debbie, to play again.

My Acrostic Poem

This is my acrostic poem. It spells my name "Caprice Tokoa." Please leave some comments about my work for next time! Make sure it has FF and FB.



My Tiger Poem

This is my Tiger Poem about a Tiger. It describes the Tiger and what the Tiger is doing. Be sure to leave me a comment including FF and FB. 

Tiger with a coat of dissimilar stripes,
when he’s angry, tiger swipes.
Tiger cautious, guarding his lair.
Danger lurking, tiger aware.
Tiger hungry, so he hunts.
Tiger quarry, tiger confronts.
Tiger waiting, being sly.
undercover, no tiger espy.
Tiger detects now he purrs.
Hunger pangs, tiger stirs.
Tiger quick, must now surprise.
Here we have on tiger, wise.
Tiger from his throat he roars.
Stretching out those tiger claws.
Tiger moving stealthy pelt.
Expiration, by tiger dealt.

Tiger now belly filled.
Anger passed, on tiger stilled.
Tiger sleeping with the pride.
Craving gone tiger satisfied.
Tiger such a majestic sight.
Near extinction, tiger fights.
Tiger beautiful and so fine.
Tiger we must have respect.
For your great tiger intellect.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


As I could sense the dust rising higher and higher taking over the yummy crisp air, the yucky objects fell towards my feet. I drop my head and tilt it side ways and just stared down at it. Then at that moment I then knew that I was near her territory. She who was abused. She who was treated like a slave. She who was murdered by her own father. She which roams around the streets, but as day falls and night rises, she goes back to her teritory. Everybody thinks this is a myth. But they think wrong. He father was murdered by she. She who's name is Ruby. She always wore a blue hoodie that was a one piece hoodie and jeans together. if you dare, come closer and I will tell you the story behind Ruby and her death! One step takes it all. Just walk right into my world and get ready for the story of your life!

One day a youg girl named Ruby was playing in her backyard. Her mother was in the hospital, her two brothers Jacob and Johnny was at their friends sleepover for a couple of days and her older sister Azaria(a-za-rii-a) was also at her friends house for a sleepover for a couple of days. Ruby and her father were at home by themselves. Ruby hated him so much, she couldn't stand to be around him. 
"RUBY!!! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" He yelled to her.
"NO! I HATE YOU! GO AWAY!" Ruby replied.
"Oh well then. I'll come to you and you sure wish you'd never said that to me!" Ruby's father had said to himself as he walked over to her. He picked up a stick on the way towards him. Ruby tilted her head and turned it around. She saw him holding the stick in his hand as she stood up slowly. As she reached her feet, it was to late for her to run away. He had already tugged onto her sweater. 
"Why didn't you come to me when I told you to Ruby?" He asked her. She didn't relpy.
"ANSWER ME NOW!" He yelled at her.
"Or what? You'll hit me with that?" She asked him with fear.
"Why do you think I have it for?" He asked back.
"To hit me?" She suggested.
"Time's up!" He said. He then pulled his arm back and swang it as hard as ever and it landed on Ruby's stomach. She tried to not cry and keep in the tears. Then he said, 
"Have you had enough? Huh? ANSWER ME NOW!" She didn't reply. 
He asked her again! 
"Have you had enough? ANSWER ME!" She didn't answer. So he swung his hand back and hit her on the eye with his fists. She couldn't help it anymore but to cry her eyes out with tears. She dropped to the ground and he began kicking her and hitting her with the stick. Poor Ruby was beaten so hard she could hardly move. Her eyes were black and her nose was broken. A week later, her mother got out of the hospital. She came home to see her daughter ugly and scary. She came home to her youngest child looking like she had  two black eyes, and a broken nose. She had been beaten all that time. Not just the one day. Before Ruby's mother walked into her room, she saw her husband Jeff(Ruby's father) walking into her room with a stick in his hand and an iron in the other. He plugged the iron in and waited for it to get hot. While it was warming up, he beat her with the stick in his other hand. Next thing you know the iron was steaming hot. He grabbed it, pulled up her shirt and burnt her on the stomach. She was so sore, she couldn't even scream for help. He covered her mouth and threw her on the bed. Ruby's mother got out her phone and rang the police. She told them that her 6 year old daughter was getting abused by her own father with an iron and a stick in her bedroom. 15 minutes past and the police were at the house. She jumped on his back and began punching him so hard that he fell to the ground. She grabbed the stick lying on the floor and banged it across his head. He was knocked out! The police guards kicked open the door and told him to stay down. 
"I knocked him out with that stick over there!" Angel(Ruby's mother) stated.
"What happened?" One of the policemen asked.
"Just take a look at her! Look at the state of my 6 year old daughter. She needs to be in hospital!" Angel sumisted. The ambulance arrived and Jeff was arrested for physical child abuse and object use on the child!

"They say she still lives her life of terror even though she is dead. But how can anybody tell? Who knows?"
"Wow! I feel so sorry for Ruby! I mean why couldn't she just run away?" Jackie asked.
"Well, because she was on lock down. She had a camera inside of her room! He watched her every move!" 
"Wow! That's mucked up!" Jackie added.
"I know it is!" 
"So what's happening to her know?" Jackie asked.
"Nobody knows! Nobody knows who she comes after next and who she will turn down!`


My Term 3 Goals

This is a presentation I put together which develops all of my critical thinking towards my goals. For those who don;'t know. Tena Koura means hello to 2. Haere Mai means welcome. Be sure to leave me some comments that include FF and FB for my next goal setting moment.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Literacy Change From 3200 BC - 2013

This is my popplet about literacy and how it's changed. be sure to leave me some comments including FF and FB about my work!