Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Wonders Of The Game

This is my Wonders Of The Game piece of writing. It is about a young boy who plays hiding-go-seek with his older sister and he goes on a adventure while he is hiding. When you shoot a hoop, shoot a comment up to me including FF and FB.
I feel as though I am going to win this game. Debbie hasn’t even looked here. Should I go out and look for her? Or should I just stay here? I don’t know, well I’ll stay here! The dampness of the bark is making me itch all over, I feel nervous to be caught and happy to not be caught. The insects are crawling around inside the bark like crazy.

I taste the damp, moist bark crawling into my mouth. My tears are salty, but I don’t even know why I am crying softly. I can taste my drips of sweat as they drip onto my face like droplets of rain! I taste the sweet scent of flowers rising, and rising in the crisp air.

I hear cars zooming past and their brakes screeching to stop. Kids and people having fun and laughing as happy as ever. Dogs barking, and birds chirping! Rustling leaves and swaying trees. How wonderful can it be?

The damp moist tree trunk smelling like nothing, popcorn popping in the air. I smell the lawn just being mowed by one of the most best mowers. I sniff myself and I smell like soap. As clean as ever! I sniff the air. Lollypops I guess? Well I don't know.

I see other trees swaying and standing straight as tall as giraffes. Children, people and families playing tag or rugby. Birds wings flapping and flipping as they fly happily out of their nests and cars driving past so fast that they’re being chased by the police. I can see the bees gathering and collecting pollen for us to create honey.The sunshine is just shining on me so bright that I can’t even look up to it. Now that I’ve been here for a long time now, I must go home and seek for Debbie, to play again.

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