Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back To School:

This is my Back To School piece of writing I will be including in my Zine. Be sure to shoot me some cool comments including FF and FB!

What does back to school mean to you?
Are you looking forward to attending school again?
Do you really want to go to school?
You might be thinking ‘what’s the point of going to school?’ Well, school educates you and gets you ready for the future. Without school. how would you know anything? How would you know what information means? School is a 5 day routine from 9 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. If you can sit and listen to a teacher for 6 hours a day, then you’ll survive it until the holidays or weekends. School is a place where you can see your friends, where you can learn more each day of your life. Wagging school? Why? Because you hate it? If you just come to school to be a put down and not listen. Then why come to school? Stay home if you hate it so much! School IS SCHOOL! You go to school, learn, have lunch, learn some more, have lunch, learn then go home. If it’s too much for you. Why bother to come to school.

Time Limits:

In school, you are given a time limit to finish your work. At most schools, children don’t finish their work as the time limit given. Children need to speed up their work

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