Friday, 7 December 2012

PMI Char- Energy


  • Some positive things about energy is that the meaning of saving energy means decreasing the amount of energy we use now.
  • We can get energy that can be used forever
  • Energy is free, it doesn’t cost anything.
  • We get to live a happy world.

  • Global Warming
  • Fossil Fuels can run out.
  • Less land for pacific island.
  • People cutting down pants and trees.
  • Greenhouse gases rising up and creating Co2 in the air.
  • Co2 coming out of the

  • It helps plants to survive.
  • It can do extraordinary things like make electrical things work.
  • It can’t be destroyed

6 Hats Reflextion- Energy!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netboook Reflection 2012

I am a Year 6 student in Room 8 Tamaki Primary School. I have just completed my 2nd year with a netbook. I had fun using my netbook in a million different ways. e learnt how to study hard and I know that these netbooks will give me a great education! This is my 2012 Netbook Reflection.

The positives I experienced this year includes learning new and different shortcuts such as:
Ctrl A: Select all
Ctrl 4: Screenshot
Ctrl V: Paste
Ctrl C: Copy
Ctrl D: Bookmark. Some other positives about having my netbook for 2 years is that we get to learn, create, and share work with others like the public and students from my school. We get to find new information for example about being cyber smart. Some of us(including me too) even posted more than 100 blog posts onto our blogs for the whole world to see.

Some negatives that occurred from the past few months was our internet disconnecting because some people kept on standing on the blue wire, or it just disconnected by itself. Sometimes just using our netbooks to play games instead of doing work. Others not using netbooks in the right ways for example like being on the wrong sites at the wrong times. Our netbooks being reimaged because something is causing our netbooks to have problems and most of the time others just come to school to play games.

It was interesting even though we had disconnected internet , we still found out a way to finish off what we were doing. We learnt about different sites for learning online. I am wondering if netbooks SHOULD be taken home, I mean what if they get lost or broken and we can’t fix them? I am wondering what it would be like in the future when we are in college and we still have these netbooks. Will they teach us the same things? Will we take good care of our netbooks probably? There might be a way to blend fun and games together with learning.

What are some solutions to my problems?
  • Try keeping away from the blue wire that connects us to the internet
  • Stay focused until we get free time
  • Using our netbooks correctly by staying focused and not getting excited by your friends playing games
Knowing that we come to school to learn and we have these netbooks because our school knows that learning is important, than just playing games all of the times! But we just have to remember that we have netbooks  for learning!

One thing I would like to learn next year is how to go to another tab without clicking on the tab we want to go on!

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