Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Spelling and Grammar Corrections:

Read the following recount, then answer the questions below.

A new guy started at school today. What a hunk! His names Taj. He has blue eyes to die for and his blonde curls are made for running your fingers through. I think I like him already!

Taj sat next to me at lunch today, I held my breath so long that I nearly fainted. Our hands brushed together as we reached for our sandwiches I‘m never washing my hands again!


a) Find 2 missing apostrophes for contractions (name’s and I’m).
, 4 exclamation marks( and 2 grammatical commas.

b) Write a title used in the test which begins with a capital letter and includes a hyphen.

Write down as many nouns as your can see:

Write 2 personal pronouns from the text:

Write 2 conjunctions from the text:

Write the correct spelling on 4 misspelt words.
Dye- Die

Write synonyms for these words.
Started - Began
Movies - Cinemas
Fool - uncool, a silly person, acts unwisely and imprudently
Cool - Fantastic, awesome, amazing

Write antonyms for these words:
obsessed - uninterested
wonderful - awful

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