Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Speech: Ka Pioioi E

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Gautama Buddha.
Peace is a journey of good times. But, it takes one step at a time to achieve something you truly want. Being peaceful is something we all say we will do, but end up not achieving. The song I have chosen to talk about is a Maori song which has been passed down my family for generations. Ka Pioioi E is the title. Peace is expressed within this song. It is soothing and calming for the soul. Peace is the main idea in this song. Going under that is my song choice. my 3 main points will be what peace means, the translation of what my song means, and how this song represents myself and my whanau. `

Being peaceful is one thing you can do to help resolve some of the worlds problems. The entire world is depending on each other to make our world much peaceful for our younger generations. Is this a good world for them to grow up in? Anyway, back to the subject. Ka Pioioi E is a song about dancing and letting all of the guilt flow through your life.

Life is treasuring your hometown and people and keeping them in your heart when you’re not with them. This phrase “I tō ataahua ai kanapa.” Means “beauty gleaming here.” It also means taking someone in for who they really are don’t matter if they’re ugly or pretty. You are who you are. Another phrase is “Ka Pioioi E.” Which means “this swaying dance.” It means sway alongside those whom have had enough of all the nonsense and get away for a while. Not saying running away from your problems is solving them, just getting away for a bit.

This song reminds me of my hometown and people and how we connect to our long lost whanau. I feel as if my long lost whanau is still here with us and I can talk to them anytime. Because I know, deep down, they will understand. This song is about dancing through life and having a blast. It relates to peace with one and one only word. Happiness. The way happiness relates to life is a way I cannot describe. Happiness communicates with life. Happiness gives our lives more opportunities to correct the incorrect!

Happiness and peace around tamariki and whanau will create more social abilities and calm reactions towards how you act around people. This song is representing and creating peace because it is soothing and controllable and you can always figure something out when dancing along to this song. The lyrics of this song brings happiness and peace to my family. We stick up for each other and never push them down!

To sum up my speech, music is courageous, music is honest, music is powerful. Music can express true feelings composers feel as they write these particular songs. Therefore, happy songs are because they are happy. Sad songs are because they are sad. Or any type of song has a reason why the composer has wrote this particular song. This has been my speech. I hope you enjoyed!

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