Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Poem about Culture

Rarotonga and Maori
Rarotonga is a place filled with beautiful people and sweet voices,
Rarotonga is place filled with laughter, enjoyment and choices,
Rarotonga is a place of tranquility,
Rarotonga is a place of love and ability,
Rarotonga is a place where the sun is always shining above our heads,
Rarotonga is a paradise anyone would dream of going to bed,
The pampering and the hazy heats,
While listening to some island beats.

New Zealand is like a peaceful song,
You listen to the calm sea send messages out to the above is so strong,
New Zealand is like a ball as it bounces along,
It’s gets thrown up and down and slams itself on the ground
New Zealand is the fish which jumps upon the water and dives back down.
New Zealand has karma,
But the good kind,

Sensing all the badness and saying goodbye.

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