Monday, 16 December 2013

Farewell Ms Hansell

Dear Ms Hansell
I would like to say Farewell and good luck for the future you have ahead of you!

Within the skylimit, we see the beautiful changes you have made in our wonderful school. it is so heart breaking to hear that you are leaving our whanau, but’s it’s for the best because if it is to be it begins with me! Ms Hansell, you are a talented, considerate, loyal, beautiful person who brightens up the corridors as she walks through them. A true mother bear would stay, but put her life and career ahead of that and that is what you are! A true mother bear who is leaving the cave to find a better life and environment! I don’t know how else I could ever thank-you for welcoming me into your whanau which is now ours. Saying goodbye to you is one of the most painfullest things I have ever experienced. because of the loyal person you are, you are simply the best and that’s what I love about you! Have fun and just know that at times it’ll be hard, but you just have to relax and get through it like a true adult! Relax and have a blast while you’re still young. Although you will be missed, you will still be somewhere in our hearts:)

Lots of aroha from
Caprice Tokoa xoxo <3

“Saying goodbye is one of the most painful things ever!”

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