Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Ancestral Poem 2013

My Ancestors and Me!
I am a Maori and Cook Island Queen,
A daughter who is desperate to save,
Who is desperate to succeed.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Who has nothing to hide
Who is gratefully proud of it!

I feel the power of my ancestors flowing through my veins healing me in times of sorrow
The strength of my ancestors is the roar held within a tame tiger
The aroha of my whanau strengthens me.
I stand strong with pride as my culture and my beliefs shape who I am today.

My Cook Island ancestors are forceful shields from Aitutaki,
At war with anyone who will try and take us away!
They are the wood that will never snap in half,
The cloth that will never rip.

My Maori ancestors are peaceful waves washing out any pollution
They are the book that will never close
The concrete that will never crack.
The stars that will never stop shining.
The karanga is called at the Marae to my long lost whanau
The waiata is sung strongly among passed down generations.
Their struggles will not be forgotten
They will always be with me.
 By flesh, By blood, By bone.

This is my Ancestral Poem about my ancestors and myself. I hope that you are brave enough to write some comments. Please include FF and FB about the subjects and my work!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Caprice - My Poem 2013

This is my poem about Friendship! I hope that this post will encourage you to think about friends and more! Friendship is a priceless gift that you would always dream of having around! I have created this using PicMonkey I have submitted this poem to the Poetry Box competition. I will be very happy if you would leave me some positive comments including FF and FB. This will help me to improve my work even more!