Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Far beyond the edge of the sun comes my beautiful, secret, mystery place. Come closer and listen to me while I tell you my story about my beautiful place...

In my beautiful place I can hear the rustling of the leaves as they sweep across the bench of sand. I can hear the caramel fall running like it’s being chased by a robber. The blue sea crashing against my beautiful tropical island. My pop-corn was popping loudly as if someone’s child was throwing building blocks up into the air and watching them smash down onto the ground. The swaying of the trees sounded amazing. As amazing as a superstar being rewarded! The buzzing of bees and the fluttering from the butterflies’ wings. The tress singing along to my song that I’m singing to them...

I can feel the warm, brown, chocolaty tree trunk. I felt the excitement running through my bones as fast as a cheetah. The blobs of warm sand were coming through the tips of my toes as I was walking, the sand was heating them up. The money that was raining on me, made me feel like I was in heaven. I can feel the soft clouds. As soft as a fluffy pillow. I could also feel the fresh scented air...

I can smell the goodness from the jelly being made from the men in the mystery jelly maker factory. The smokey smoke from the fireworks. It was as smokey as a on fire! I can also smell the caramel blocks being divided into groups of four and being melted into the hot fall. The chocolate stream was nice and smelling hot because it was just made by the workers...

I could taste the different flavoured lolly-pops, ice cream and the jelly pops. They tasted as nice as apple crumble. The treats floating on my tropical island like popcicles, chocolate, lollies, strawberries, mints and much more other treats for you to eat! The long lasting taste from the smoky fireworks are also deliciously great too. The flavours are green for apple, red for strawberries, blue for blueberries, purple for grape, yellow for pineapple and much more fruits or tastes you can think of...

I can see candy canes sticking out of the grass, strawberries being dipped into chocolate sauce and the whole of my imaginative secret world. At night the candy canes glow until 3:00 in the morning and when it’s day time all of the little elves come out and then they do their work.

That was the whole of my beautiful, mystery place in between the edge of the hot sun and if you dare to come, would you...?

Monday, 14 November 2011

My Fitness Progress.....

From my data I can see that my fitness progress is getting higher than before.
My fitness goal is to run 11 or 13 laps by the end of term 4. If I get close to 11 then I have achieved my goal...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Using Google Maps

This is a map where we had to find all of the stadiums of the Rugby World Cup 2011.
We learned how to use Goggle Maps and place pins onto the places where the rugby games will be played. Mrs Gleeson taught us how to use this so that if people were going to the Rugby games and they got lost, they would just look it up on their laptops or on their iphone2 and iphones.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Caprice Tokoa

It was windy and cold as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu...

As he walked out Mr Piri looked strong and fully fit. I already knew that he was born in 1983, 7th of September and that’s why he’s young. He is powerful, strong and fierce. Mr Piri has soft short black hair that is as black as monster’s fur. When he started leading the Haka he looked angry and big hearted! Mr weepu is 94kgs. Piri has a ta moko on his right arm and he has a baby daughter named Taylor. He is as bulky as a muscle man.

Mr Weepu likes to eat Mac Donald's (also known as the golden arches) and his favourite sea food is kina. Piri likes to play golf and rugby. His favourite thing to do while he is playing rugby is to lead the Haka. His favourite dog is a Bulldog.Piri hates bad people and he also hated English as well as Maths when he went to school.

As the game started, Mr weepu sprinted across the field like a cheetah. He played for the Junior All Blacks in 2005 and he won the New Zealand Maori Award also in 2005.
He moves like he was born to play rugby. Mr Weepu tries his very best to make his team win. Mr Piri shows intelligent sportsmanship as well as training well. He is a player who is determined.

As Mr Weepu ran across the field - others in his team defending - as he made his way to the try line. His number is 9 and while he is wearing his jersey it looks cool and he represents his team like an captain. The referee says that last try wins. His team cheers and they're all happy that they have won.

He shows New Zealand how good he is at the Haka and he isn’t afraid of showing off his personality and his career.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

One Scary Night

"Shh! Can you hear that scraping against the house outside?" Rebeca whispered to Sam.
"What scraping? I can't hear anything but you be quiet I'm trying to sleep." Sam Said.
"Ahhhh!!!" Rebeca screamed, " A ghost is slamming the shed door!"
"Ohh Rebeca! Please be quiet!"
Rebeca got a huge fright. She couldn't go back to sleep.

As Rebeca fell alseep the house next door was sleeping. All of a sudden the lights started switching off and on. Their door started creaking and screeching loudly. Footprints you couldn't see were rushing towards the open window...

Monday, 29 August 2011

QR Code.

We are learning about QR codes. QR codes means Quick Response. QR codes are used to take people who want to know what you've been learning straight to your blog. You might see some QR codes outside people's classes or in magazines or even in town on poles and fences and other places. To end this here is a photo of my QR code.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Whirlpool Group

I researched Whirlpools as part of inquiry for Natural Disasters. I used GoAnimate to create a movie. Here is my final presentation. I hope you like it!

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Monday, 1 August 2011

First T-3 post.

I've just got back from my 2 weeks of holiday and I'm totally looking forward to our new topic in week 5. We are finishing our Natural Disasters Topic until week 5 as well. 

I am looking forward to the Rugby World Cup because it's going to be played in my country (New Zealand). I wish that I could go but unfortunately I can't afford it.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Meerkat Mail Book Review

Author: Emily Gavett
Type of book: Picture Book
Tittle: Meerakat Mail

Book Description:
What Happened: A young meerakat has left his large family and has left a note saying he is off to find a place that is perfect for him.
Main Characters: Sunny, His Cousins, Teacher, Mum and Dad.

What did you think about the book and why did you think of that?
I thought that the story was fun, exciting, sad and most of all happy.
Sad because: It was sad because he left without saying good bye to his large family.
Fun because: It was fun because he travelled to other places that didn’t just have hot weather, but some were cold, windy, snowy and even rainy.
Happy because: It was happy because Sunny came back to his beloved family.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Author Study Role Play - Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett

This week we studied Emily Gravett. She is an author from Brighton. Did you know she used to live on a bus? Emily Gravett writes and illustrates her own stories. Here is a movie of my reading group presenting a role play of Meerkat Mail. I hope you like it!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Buddy Writing

Today we did some buddy writing with room 7.
We helped them to recraft their writing samples.
This is me and my buddy Cavhyon(he's my brother)
I hope we get to do this again, it was so so so fun!!!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Natural Disaster Alphabet Key

A- Avalanches
B- Bush fires
C- Causes DEATH!!
D- Drought
E- Eclipses
F- Floods and Fires
G- Geologist Studie Disasters
H- Hurricane
I- Its not a joke
J- Joke(no joke)
K- Kills people
L-Losing Families
M- Mud Floods
N- Natural Disasters
O- Ozone Disaster
P- Plans to escape
Q- Quake
R- Rain Clouds
S- Storm
T- Tsunami and Tornado
V- Volcano
W- Wind and Storms
X- X-ray
Y- Yellow Tsunamis
Z- Zooming Hurricanes

Friday, 17 June 2011

Layers Of The Earth!!!

WALT(we are learning to...) make a model of the earth out of play- dough.

Why are we learning this?
So that when we learn about Natural Disasters we can use our knowledge of the layers to understand them better!

What other subjects at school can this help with?
This can help in topic and science and learn about the earth around us and the layers.

Crust (seven tectonic plates):
Did you know that the crust is made up of the tectonic plates which there are seven in the whole of the world! Another thing to hear about is that it contains continents and seas. It is 15-75km thick.

Mantle(upper mantle and the lower mantle):
Did you know that there are 2 parts of the mantle and those 2 mantles are the upper mantle and the lower mantle. Did you know that the upper mantle is 400km thick and it would take days and days to dig through the earth. Are you aware that the lower mantle is 2300km thick. The lower mantle is made out of iron and magnesium. It is more dense than the upper mantle. The upper mantle is made out of silicates.

Outer Core(liquid):
Did you know that the outer core is 2300km thick. Are you aware that it is made out of liquid and sulphur... It is also made out of nickel.

Inner Core (solid):
Did you know that the inner core is made out of sulphur just like the outer core. It is also made out of iron and nickel. The inner core is solid. The temperature is 6650 degrees.

Friday, 10 June 2011

City Description

Wednesday 8th June, 2011

As my airplane stopped I was happy and very, very , very excited to meet new people. I quickly jumped out and hopped into my shiny limo.
Unbelievably I...


...traffic jams and business workers rushing to work because they were 5 hours late. I could also see humongous and tall buildings as if they were all as tall as a fat giraffe.


...the goodness coming through my skin and the perfume that came from the pretty shops as pretty as Cinderella. I could also smell the french fries being cooked at restaurants. I could smell the popcorn coming from the movies as the people walked out and I could smell the grape hubba-bubba.

Heard... stomach rumbling. Getting hungry so I went to MacDonald's. As I walked through the door I could hear Jay-Z booming through the speakers on the wall. I could hear people arguing as I walked to the counter and babies screaming their heads off as if they were all sick. As I ate my burger I could also hear mixtures of different languages being spoken by people who were visiting just like me!

As my adventure started to get boring and more boring and even more boring, I thought that it might be time to go back home and tell my parents and my class all about my trip to New York. So I went back to my hotel, got my things, got my ticket and went to the airport. While I was waiting I heard a lady say “ Last plane to New Zealand is leaving in 10 minutes!” I quickly ran with my bag, hopped onto my plane and while it was taking off, I got the butterflies. I looked out the window and waved goodbye to New York and the beautiful bright lights.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Inquiry Presentation!

I had 3 weeks to question, research and present information to do with Whanaungatanga. I chose Maori medicine. Here is a photo and a video of my presentation.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Information Report about Harakeke

Helpful Plant - Harakeke!

Did you know that Harakeke is still used today?
Other people didn’t know that!

Hararkeke looks like a bush as well as a green shadow. Another thing I think it looks like is a green hedgehog.

How Harakeke Heals:
Did you know that Harakeke is a plant that can help to heal sores, cuts, bruisers and broken bones or broken fingers? The strong fibres were even used to help sew up wounds!

How the Harakeke is prepared:
The Tohunga (preist/doctor) is the only person with the power to use the medicine unless the Touhunga isn’t there and it’s an emergency. The roots can be roasted or boiled.

Did you know that the Maori people mostly used Harakeke and Hangehange as their most important plant for Rongoa.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My First Movie!

Miss Hansell set a challenge of making our very first movie using iMovie! We had to take the pictures, add transitions, add music and edit it all ourselves! Here is the end product, I hope you like it.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Pirate Ship Maths

On Wednesday the 19th, Keleni, Alison, Wiremu , Avia, Mavis, Faith and I went outside for Maths. We had to follow some instructions about measurement. The boys did their own while the girls did theirs. We did this because we were learning about measurement.
We had a blue pirate ship and the boys had a yellow pirate ship. We had to follow all of the instructions that were on the sheet. The first step was to draw a 4 metre line that went from left to right. Next we had to draw a curved line from one side to the other. We had to measure carefully so that it looked right.
Here is a picture of what we did.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Caprice Term 2 Goals

Term Two Learning Goals
My learning goal for Reading this term is:
To make sure that I read to my mum or someone around the house every night or I could read to my little brothers.
To achieve this goal, I will need to:
Read a chapter book every night for 5 to 10 minutes each night.
My whanau can help me achieve this by:
Challenge me, they could read with me and they could remind me to return my book to the library so that I can get another amazing book out!

My learning goal for Writing this term is:
To write as many stories that I can and add in detail, connectives and structure (paragraphs).
To achieve this goal, I will need to:
Practice writing stories on pieces of paper and reading them out loud to my family members!
My whanau can help me achieve this by:
Buying me stories for me to get more powerful words and ideas from and more things that can sum up my stories!

My learning goal for Maths this term is:
To learn all of my skip counting in 5’s, 10’s, 2’s, 3’s and try to get past those and try skip counting in 9’s to 7’s to 6’s.
To achieve this goal, I will need to:
Practice my skip counting , practise my dividing and practice my
My whanau can help me achieve this by:
Asking me math problems and challenging me to a competition with my mum and the
rest of the family around!
My personal goal is:
To keep trying hard and enjoy what we do during class time!

To achevie this goal,I will. Stay focussed on my work and not talk to the other people around me!

My whanau can help me achieve this by:
Letting me have my own space and trying to let me figure out things without their help or they could help me with my homework.