Monday, 20 June 2011

Natural Disaster Alphabet Key

A- Avalanches
B- Bush fires
C- Causes DEATH!!
D- Drought
E- Eclipses
F- Floods and Fires
G- Geologist Studie Disasters
H- Hurricane
I- Its not a joke
J- Joke(no joke)
K- Kills people
L-Losing Families
M- Mud Floods
N- Natural Disasters
O- Ozone Disaster
P- Plans to escape
Q- Quake
R- Rain Clouds
S- Storm
T- Tsunami and Tornado
V- Volcano
W- Wind and Storms
X- X-ray
Y- Yellow Tsunamis
Z- Zooming Hurricanes

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  1. I like the way how you took your time to think about what to write and not just typing in boring words for example:
    A boring word is a word that you'ved already used over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Yeah You didn't do that you took the time and made it all sound great and yeah thats all for now Caprice Tokoa


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