Friday, 10 June 2011

City Description

Wednesday 8th June, 2011

As my airplane stopped I was happy and very, very , very excited to meet new people. I quickly jumped out and hopped into my shiny limo.
Unbelievably I...


...traffic jams and business workers rushing to work because they were 5 hours late. I could also see humongous and tall buildings as if they were all as tall as a fat giraffe.


...the goodness coming through my skin and the perfume that came from the pretty shops as pretty as Cinderella. I could also smell the french fries being cooked at restaurants. I could smell the popcorn coming from the movies as the people walked out and I could smell the grape hubba-bubba.

Heard... stomach rumbling. Getting hungry so I went to MacDonald's. As I walked through the door I could hear Jay-Z booming through the speakers on the wall. I could hear people arguing as I walked to the counter and babies screaming their heads off as if they were all sick. As I ate my burger I could also hear mixtures of different languages being spoken by people who were visiting just like me!

As my adventure started to get boring and more boring and even more boring, I thought that it might be time to go back home and tell my parents and my class all about my trip to New York. So I went back to my hotel, got my things, got my ticket and went to the airport. While I was waiting I heard a lady say “ Last plane to New Zealand is leaving in 10 minutes!” I quickly ran with my bag, hopped onto my plane and while it was taking off, I got the butterflies. I looked out the window and waved goodbye to New York and the beautiful bright lights.

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  1. Wow Caprice,
    I like the way you use powerful words. The way you used it, it felt like I was there with you but you couldn't see me. Keep I up.


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