Friday, 14 June 2013

Caprice - We are responsible for the rubbish in our school.

We are responsible for the rubbish in our school.
Yes! We agree! We are responsible for the rubbish we produce. We think that the rubbish in our school is just dust. We think that it is nearly passed dawn and each day it gets higher and higher. The cause of this affects our reputation. It can ruin our reputation. We could get less students coming to our school daily. We could even suppose closing down.

Are you a litter bug? Would you want to live in a world of Wall . E?
This affects us because the more we litter, the more money is paid to remove our rubbish. We are on a mission to stop littering and this is a start to having a Clean and Green property and environment.

Have you realised that the rubbish we produce can harm younger ones and animals? This is because we can’t be bothered to walk over to a bin and put our rubbish in it. We also have come up with a rhyme, ‘Stop Littering! Start Cleaning’. Littering is just laziness. Laziness is when you can’t be bothered to do anything. Another thing is that if we increase the amount of rubbish in our school. We could get less visits from rats and mice. Bugs and others.

Did you know that animals are dying daily because of the rubbish we produce? If you throw your rubbish in a drain then you will know what I’m talking about and also did you know that 40% of the food we waste goes to the landfill. 15% of the organic we waste also goes to the landfill. This fills up all of our landfill and we have to rely on Hamilton to take our rubbish. Our landfill gets filled everyday that we pay Hamilton to take our rubbish. We can’t have that anymore.

It clearly shows that 50% of Auckland uses their waste effectively and the other 50% doesn’t. That is why we are on the mission to stop littering in our school. This is why we are on a mission to ‘Stop Littering, Start Cleaning’. This is not being lazy and never littering. If we can cut down the amount of rubbish in our school. Then yippe! But if you can’t. Then boo! So let’s stop littering and start cleaning!!!

This is Kereama and my persuasive text about 'We Are Responsible For The Rubbish At Our School'. We took time and came up with five paragraphs of information about why we are responsible for the rubbish that is produced at our school. Be sure to leave us some comments and include FF and FB for my next piece of writing!

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