Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Reading - Homework Task One Term 2 Week 6


Read a book for 15 minutes and complete the reflection below:

Title: That’s Life Samara Brook’s

Author: Daniel Ehrenhaft

What is this book about?
Is playing blackjack in the school cafeteria that bad? Samara Brooks doesn’t think so. She isn’t out to hurt anybody. She just wants to create some drama. And she does...Drama... And trouble. When the principal threatens to call her parents, Samara proposes a way to save herself. She’ll prove she’s not a bad person by conducting a scientific experiment to show that she has the same DNA as one of the friendliest girls in school: Class president Lily Frederick. But then Nathan Weiss, a kid obsessed with UFO’s and my mysterious codes get involved. And things get really weird.

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