Friday, 7 June 2013

The Flying Magic Carpet

The Flying Magic Carpet

Past the moon and in the sun, there was a magic carpet sitting on the hard wooden floor. “What can it do? What can it say? Does it work? Would it complain?” Jordan questioned dad.
“I don’t know but we have to find out. Remember it’s just a silly old carpet.” Dad replied.
But there was one thing they didn’t know. This silly old carpet was a magic carpet. Who had feelings for another carpet who lived in Jordans bedroom.
“I need to get to her! I need to get to her!!” The magic carpet groaned as he tried to move closer and closer. Each time he’d move, dad would pick him up and take him back to the centre of the living room.
“Jordan! Jordan,” dad shouted “Let’s go, we need to pick mum and Lilly up from the airport!” He yelled once again!

As they got in the car, the magic carpet then realised that he shouldn’t be here. That he doesn’t belong here!!! The magic carpet trying to read the tag on him, but couldn’t really see what was going on.
He yelled out “My love, I shall go! I must go! I don’t belong here!!!”
Missy(the carpet in Jordans room) yelled out “But what shall I do? Where shall I go? I need you and you need me too!”
“I’m very, very sorry Missy. But I need to go! I truly am sorry!” He answered back. Far away in the depth of the ocean, Missy looked out the window and saw him, travelling through the night sky. All alone and by himself.
Missy sighed “I wish I could of went with him.” The magic flying carpet stopped like a bomb been thrown onto him. He looked up to the moon. Missy was also looking up at the moon.
“Where am I? Missy help me. Please!” He muttered.
“I am with you! I will always be with you!!!” Missy shouted!

Far beyond the air point, the magic carpet then called himself Honda. Honda searched high and low for somewhere to go. He wished that Missy was here with him. Encouraging him and showing complete enthusiastic. Although he had a fantastic adventure, he was ready to go home.
“I must go back!” Honda said in his head.
“No I won’t. Wait I will go back! At least for Missy’s sake and I love her.” Honda said aloud. As he travelled his way back the way he came. He got lost.
“Where am I?” Honda asked himself. “I knew she was right.”
He saw a light. He saw a house! “There!!! There!!! I’m home. Missy?” Honda shouted with fill gratefulness. Honda saw her face as she looked out the window. It was hanging down. All of a sudden, Missy heard Honda say “Missy! I am here! I came back for you!!”
“You, you came back for me! You came back for me!” Missy said as her face lit up!
“Yes my love! Yes! I did! I did!” Honda shouted. He flew towards her like a lightning bolt. Honda was so, so happy to see her beautiful face once again!!!
“My name is now Honda!” Honda stated straight away.
“Honda. What are lovely name. Honda the supercar! My hero!” Missy said.
“I don’t want to go that far just yet. Laughed Honda.
“ You know, I wouldn’t mind being a human. To see how they live their lives comapred to ours.” Missy stated.
“Well, how about it?”
“How about what Honda?”
“Let’s go for it! Let’s have an adventure and get married. Let’s be a happy married couple for the rest of our carpet lives.”
“I do and amen to that!!”
“Zippity zie, zippity zoo. We want to be humans just like you!”
Boom a clash of smoke happened to form their bodies. Missy was as beautiful as a rose blooming in the sunlight’s warmth and Honda looked as handsome as ever could be. The both of them ran out the door, towards the marriage chapel.
“Yes my dear. Of course I am!” They opened the big doors and ran to the counter and said “We want to get married. Now!”
The accountant replied. “Just sign these papers and you’re officially married. But do you want to celebrate with a wedding or just a keep it down low one?”
“We want a keep it a down low one please!”

“Well Mr and Mrs Greenwood, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” They both ran off into the sunlight of happiness and forgiveness and they never forgot that moment. Not even when they both passed away!

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