Thursday, 21 June 2012

Caprice W9T2 Movie Magic Evaluation

My class wrote what we think should go first in our movies and we put them in this diamond Take a look at the answers I came up with and why!

Insert the screenshot of your diamond below:

I think that good editing is the most important element to movie making because... If you put a movie with no editing, it will just be boring for our audience and they will just leave or go from wherever they’re watching the movie.. If you add good editing in a movie then the more editing you have, the more effective your movie is.

I put a clear script and a range of camera shots and angles second because... In a movie you have to have different angles and camera shots. You can’t just have the whole movie in one clear shot where everything is straight and just in the same place. You have to have different angles and shots. E.g when we shoot scene 9: we could do a long shot on Alison and Susana walking to detention. In a movie we have to have a clear script because, if you have too much detail, you could end up getting all mixed up during filming.

I think the least important element is a flash camera because... In a movie you have to have all of the important things. E.g Good editing. We need good editing because........
A flash camera isn’t supposed to be in a movie, it’s supposed to be filming the movie., so a flash camera doesn’t matter.

Other important elements that aren’t included here are...

  • Motion- How well your movie flows and moves.
  • Time- Film has two types of time., the first is actual length and the other type of time is called diegetic.

My biggest lightbulb moment while learning about movie magic was... When we learnt about how to use different camera shots and angles. This is because when I watched some of the other group’s movies, they filled me with the new learning and I wanted to get more and more into it and include different camera shots.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Room 8 have been studying Movie Magic. Part of making movies, is speaking clearly. We put this into practice by planning, crafting, practicing and presenting speeches. The topics we chose, were topics that would influence the thinking of others. We hope you enjoy!

My Speech Reflection

How did you feel about presenting your speech to the class? 
I felt nervous and shy at first, but when I heard my classmates’ positive comments I felt happy and proud of myself for being confident.

What was the hardest part about preparing a speech? 
The hardest part of preparing our speech, was the part when we had to type out our speech so that it flowed well and was well structured.

What did you enjoy most about speeches?
The co-operation we used and the teamwork we had together. We were very happy partners.

How could you improve your speech making next time? 
We could do this by doing different gestures and improving on just trying to hook in our audience.

Shade in the squares to give your speech a rating out of TEN:


Keisha Castle-Hughes Presentation.