Friday, 7 December 2012

PMI Char- Energy


  • Some positive things about energy is that the meaning of saving energy means decreasing the amount of energy we use now.
  • We can get energy that can be used forever
  • Energy is free, it doesn’t cost anything.
  • We get to live a happy world.

  • Global Warming
  • Fossil Fuels can run out.
  • Less land for pacific island.
  • People cutting down pants and trees.
  • Greenhouse gases rising up and creating Co2 in the air.
  • Co2 coming out of the

  • It helps plants to survive.
  • It can do extraordinary things like make electrical things work.
  • It can’t be destroyed

6 Hats Reflextion- Energy!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netboook Reflection 2012

I am a Year 6 student in Room 8 Tamaki Primary School. I have just completed my 2nd year with a netbook. I had fun using my netbook in a million different ways. e learnt how to study hard and I know that these netbooks will give me a great education! This is my 2012 Netbook Reflection.

The positives I experienced this year includes learning new and different shortcuts such as:
Ctrl A: Select all
Ctrl 4: Screenshot
Ctrl V: Paste
Ctrl C: Copy
Ctrl D: Bookmark. Some other positives about having my netbook for 2 years is that we get to learn, create, and share work with others like the public and students from my school. We get to find new information for example about being cyber smart. Some of us(including me too) even posted more than 100 blog posts onto our blogs for the whole world to see.

Some negatives that occurred from the past few months was our internet disconnecting because some people kept on standing on the blue wire, or it just disconnected by itself. Sometimes just using our netbooks to play games instead of doing work. Others not using netbooks in the right ways for example like being on the wrong sites at the wrong times. Our netbooks being reimaged because something is causing our netbooks to have problems and most of the time others just come to school to play games.

It was interesting even though we had disconnected internet , we still found out a way to finish off what we were doing. We learnt about different sites for learning online. I am wondering if netbooks SHOULD be taken home, I mean what if they get lost or broken and we can’t fix them? I am wondering what it would be like in the future when we are in college and we still have these netbooks. Will they teach us the same things? Will we take good care of our netbooks probably? There might be a way to blend fun and games together with learning.

What are some solutions to my problems?
  • Try keeping away from the blue wire that connects us to the internet
  • Stay focused until we get free time
  • Using our netbooks correctly by staying focused and not getting excited by your friends playing games
Knowing that we come to school to learn and we have these netbooks because our school knows that learning is important, than just playing games all of the times! But we just have to remember that we have netbooks  for learning!

One thing I would like to learn next year is how to go to another tab without clicking on the tab we want to go on!

Be sure to leave some comments! 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Room 8's Favorite Drinks:

This is my tally chart and my column graph I created using GoogleDocs, SpreadSheet. I had to walk around my class asking each student what their favorite drink was out of: Coca Cola, Fanta, Just Juice, Tropical Thunder, L and P, Lift,  Apple Juice, Ice Tea, and Ginger Beer. 7 students voted for Fanta, and 2 students voted for Coca Cola. Be sure to leave me some comments about how hard I have worked!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Persuasive Writing: It Is good To Save Energy:

What is saving energy? Are we using energy in the right ways? Do you know how to save energy? Well if you don’t know then you have to watch this movie about ‘How To Save Energy and Why’. Have you ever thought about saving energy? Saving energy is the key to lighting up our world. Saving energy means decreasing the amount of energy we use today. Generating energy requires precious natural resources, for instance coal, oil or gas. Day by day we use more energy then we can think. If you try to count up to how many times you save energy, you will get lost in the maze.

Firstly: You SHOULD watch this movie because using less energy helps us to preserve these resources and make them last longer for the future! Using less energy IS important because one day we might run out of energy! However a heavy coat of dust on a light bulb can block up to half of the light.

Secondly You WILL watch this movie because saving energy can be the key to what makes life possible. What is climate change? Is it real? Climate change IS 

 real. We’re seeing the effects all around us. Polar ice melting, sea levels rising, and extreme weather events. Climate change is the result of greenhouse gases. Principally carbon dioxide, building up in our atmosphere to trap heat. Climate change means a change in the world’s climate. This is what climate change is.

My final point: You HAVE to watch this movie because. On one hand(metaphorically) renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. As a result, with 10% coming from traditional biomass, which is mainly used for heating, and 3.4% of hydroelectricity. But on the other hand the use of windpower is is increasing at an annual rate of 20%. Islands getting smaller and smaller because of climate change, such as, sea levels rising and taking over their land. Saving energy has changed my life and it will change yours.

Do you know think that it’s important to save energy? Why do you think this is important? Have I persuaded you to make you THINK that saving energy is a good thing? If you were learning about how to save energy. Would you watch this? WOULD YOU IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO? If it was the only chance for you? The only opportunity left? if I can do it, you can too!  For more information you can go to these websites:

Or my blog:

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cadalac Records: Future Solar Panel Car Design

This is Diziah's future solar panel car. She has designed and labeled it. be sure to leave a comment.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Safety Advert: Diziah Heremaia

WALT Stay Safe Around Electricity.

My Safety Message Advert:

Do you like having a microwave, or a fridge, or lights in your house? It is awesome that we have electricity at our fingertips. But do you know how to be safe around electricity? If you have little children, be careful that they don’t pull wires out of the wall or plugs. Never play near power lines. They are dangerous for little children. Never play on dangerous things. REMEMBER DANGER AND WARNING MEANS TO STAY AWAY! Thank-you for listening to this safety message.

By Diziah Heremaia!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Data Detectives: Our Favourite Fruit

This is my Data Chart and my chart from our classroom. Our classroom had to vote for their favourite fruit out of: Apples, Banana's, Pineapples, Mangos, Oranges, and Strawberries. 
No one voted for bananas. The most voted was Mango. I voted for Mango's because they taste yummy and are filled with goodness! You should try them if you haven't! I mean who hasn't tasted Mango's?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Marshal's Comments:

 This is my buddy: Marshal. He is in Room 2, and is my cousin! Together we are working to comment on other rooms blogs, about their movies from Below are the comments he has posted:

  1. I loved '30 Things To Do After School' because my cousin Caprice, was in it. They made me feel happy and it was an awesome movie!
  2. I liked Room 4's 'When I Grow Up' because he dreamed about lots of interesting things.
  3. I loved Room 3's 'Honesty Is The Best Policy' because it was really nice, and had an amazing show!
  4. I liked Room 7's 'School Is Cool' because it was an inspiring movie to make me come to school more often! Keep up the amazing work Room 7!
Please be sure to leave us some positive comments about our lovely work! With amazing thanks, Marshal and Caprice

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Tasks For Today:

Work your way through the tasks below.  You can do them in any order, but they must be completed by the end of the day.

Highlight or delete each task as you complete it so you know what you need to finish.

Task One:
Climate Change
  1. Next to each word in part 1. - write what it means and practice saying the word with a friend.
  2. Watch this video about climate change
  3. Complete the answers in part 2. and 3. of the worksheet in a doc(organise into reading), stick the worksheet into your inquiry book.
  4. Create a wordle display of your new climate change words that you have learnt more about today and post this wordle display to your blog.

Task Two:
Solar Energy:  The Power of the Sun
-Read the information FIRST
-Then complete the follow up questions/activities
-Create a google presentation about Solar Energy using the information found from this task.

Task Three:
My Own Personal Robot...
-Complete the T-Chart (My robot will... My robot will not...) while thinking about your own future invention.
-Answer the questions at the bottom of the sheet (question 4 will require you to do some extra research about Isaac Azimov)
-Design your own robotic pet (does not have to be a puppy) using the Isaac Azimov’s three laws of robotics.
-Take a picture of your design and post this to your blog with a brief description (name of pet, what it can do, what it can’t do etc).

Task Four:
-Complete the grammarnastics task sheet that includes thinking about homophones and other vocabulary.

When you have finished all of the above tasks TO A HIGH STANDARD (No spelling mistakes, the right punctuation, checked with a partner, neat presentation), you may have free time.

This is my four tasks I had to complete during the day! I had so much fun doing these activities and ended up completing it all! Be sure to leave me some wonderful comments!

Robopup Electron: My Robot Pet Dog

What will Robopup do?
He will..
Help me clean up
Have faith in his self
Leave me alone at times
and will learn as good as me!

What he will no do:
Damage anything
Hurt anyone/thing
Hate me only for good reasons
and be greedy with things.
Or mess up my room or other things around the house!

Personal Information:
Name: Robopup Robotic Electron
D.O.B: Tuesday 13 November, 2012 
Time: 12:50pm
This is my future pet robot dog. I have labled it and has a movie player, with a mini T.V. Be sure to leave some comments!

My Wordle Display:Climate Change:

To create this I used and I had time to do this with my buddy! We watched a video about Climate Changing. Be sure to leave me some lovely feed back and feed forwards for next time!

Solar Energy: The Power Of The Sun

This is my Solar Energy: The Power Of The Sun presentation. 
Be sure to leave me some comments! 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday, 5 November 2012

The History About The Plot....


On 5 November 1605, two years after the death of Queen Elizabeth 1, soldiers discovered a man called Guy Fawkes in a cellar under the Houses of Parliament. With him were at least twenty barrels of Gunpowder. Guy fawkes was arrested and tortured. At last he gave way and told his torturers about the plot to blow up the Parliament together with the ing, James 1, his ministers and Members of Parliament. Guy Fawkes was a Roman Catholic who had been angered by the failure of King James, who was after all the son of the Catholic Mary Queen of Scot’s to grant more religious toleration to Catholics. He had joined with a group of four other Catholics led by Robert Catesby in the plot to kill the King. Catesby had made the mistake of inviting other Catholics to join the plot. One of these was called Francis Tresham. Tresham wrote a letter to his brother in-law Lord Monteagle warning him not to go to Parliament and Monteagle told the government.The plot was foiled at the eleventh hour. Some of the plotters escaped, some turned King’s Evidence and reported on the rest.The unlucky Fawkes was taken in chains to the Tower of London and beheaded at dawn. He was hanged, drawn and quartered. At a public venue, he was then chopped into quarters. The charge was treason, though some people in England prefer to remember Guy as “the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions.”

Guy Fawkes: About His Early Life:

Guy Fawkes Early Life Information! Be sure to leave some positive comments about my work! Thanks very much!

Smuggled Tiger Cubs Rescued From A Truck.

Current Events Title: Smuggled Tiger Cubs Rescued From A Truck. Please be sure to leave me a positive comment, with some feed forward and feed back.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Static Electricity: Science

WALA Static Electricity

Different Energy Sources!

We are learning about Energy and how it is made by different energy sources. Here are some information about each different Energy sources, that connect power to our houses! Be sure to leave a positive comment about my work!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vector Energy Presentation

Here is a presentation I finished using GooglePresentation. We have been learning all about Energy and how we get electricity from somewhere to our classroom. Please be sure to leave a positive comment about my work.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is the website my classroom used to create a Halloween Fact/Information Popplet to create a Popplet design for Halloween. Please be sure to leave a positive comment about my facts.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Thomas Alva Edison Information

Here is a Presentation I created using GooglePresentation. Please be sure to leave some nice comments about my work! I did this presentation on "Thomas Edison!" 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Thinker's Key: The Reverse Key

Here is a display of my reverse key! I created this on These are 12 things that a battery CANNOT be used as. For example. A battery cannot be used as a buliding block, being thrown around.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Aotearoa Shake Out Day

Today was Aotearoa's National Shake Out Day. At 9.26am there was a earthquake drill. I was at my desk, so I dropped, covered and held on tight to stay safe! One thing we did well at T.P.S was reacting really fast and getting under our desk. One thing I want to work on next time is trying to hear the earthquake drill. Our meeting place is at our school hall. Remember in the event of an earthquake, you should DROP, COVER, AND HOLD ON TIGHT TO KEEP SAFE !!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mark Laurent Popplet Display.

Here is my Popplet Display I created using This is some information and questions about Brenda Liddiard. please be sure to read. Click around on my link and it'll take you to a website called,! Be sure to leave me some feed forward and feed back about how hard I've worked !!

Brenda Liddiard Facts and Questions.


Here is my Popplet Display I created using This is some information and questions about Brenda Liddiard. please be sure to read. Click around on my link and it'll take you to a website called,! Be sure to leave me some feed forward and feed back about how hard I've worked !!

Monday, 24 September 2012

My Turtle Safe Video

Today we learn't about turtle safe. For those who don't know what turtle safe is. Well it is a thing when you get ready for a instant real earthquake. Here is a video of myself saying a poem about what to do in a real earthquake!

Please leave me some comments on how well I did!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nga Mihi 2012

Here is a video I created using Photo Booth. This is a Nga Mihi I am saying about myself! Please be sure to leave me some cool comments about how good my Nga Mihi was! 

Aotearoa Shake Out Day.

Get Ready To drop, Cover and Hold On. For the Aotearoa Shake Out Day on the Wednesday 26 of September 2012 at 9:26 am. 

Here is two screenshots of my digital posters I created online using Photo Collage


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chunk Of The Week: Ear: T3W10

Here is my Chunky Challenge Display! I had to think of all kinds of words that had the chunk 'Ear' in it! Please leave me some positive comments for how well I have worked!

My Chunky Challenge Display: T3W10

Here is my Chunky Challenge Display, I created using Google Presentations. 
Please leave me a comment on how well I have done! 

My Word Web Display: T3W10

Here is my wordle display I created using  
I had to type the same words that have the same meaning as BIG! 
Please leave me some positive comments about how well I have done!!!
Look Below:

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WALA(about) Sign Language

We are learning about sign language and how to spell our names in sign language. Did you know that sign language is one of New Zealand's official language? Here are some pictures I took of me spelling my first and last name. 


My Chunky Challenge Display

Here is a picture of my chunky challenge display! I created this using I had to think of all kind of words that have the chunk 'OSE" in words! Please leave me some comments/feed forward/feed back about how good I did.

My Word Web: Little T3W09

Here is my Word Web Display that I created using The word of the week is: LITTLE!!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

My Current Events Presentation.

Here is a presentation I created using GooglePresentation. My event was why my burger looks different to the picture on T.V. From McDonald's. Please leave me some feed forward and feed back on my work! 

My Blog Commenting Term 3 Week 09

Here is my presentation I created using GoogleDocs Presentation! I had to comment on other students amazing blogs, screenshot my comment then upload it like a picture to my GooglePresentation! 

Please leave me some feed forward and feed back for next time!!

Friday, 7 September 2012

My Veggies and Fruits Presentation In Tongan

Here is a presentation about different fruits and veggies in Tongan. I hope that you learn a lot about different fruits and veggies in Tongan! Please be sure to leave a comment about how I did and some feed forward for next time! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Our Wordle Display T3W8

Here is a picture of the wordle display that we created using These are some words we found out about and learnt about during learning about comparing the Maori Gardens to TPS Gardens 2012. Please leave a positive comment about how I did!!

Past To Present 2012

Here is a picture of the VennDiagram Saraya and I have created. Our VennDiagram is about what we use today to plant and what the Maori people used to plant in the olden days! This is what we found out about comparing the past with the present!!! Please leave a positive comment on how Saraya and I did!!!

If you want to see or read about what we have done properly then just click on the picture and it'll go bigger so that you can read our wonderful work. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Observation Report 2012

Here is my information report on my science investigation experiment.

In week 4 term 3, Tamaki Primary School started learning about plants and how they grow. We decided to go further in our research about plants and how they can help us stay alive. So we created an amazing experiment of our own. My group was given two bottles of food colouring, one red and the other yellow. We also gathered a spoon, a bowl, some scissors, two cups(both half full of water),  a knife, and a flower. We had to think about what would happen if we cut a flower stem and put one side of the stem into one cup and the other into the other cup. This is what we had to do to make our hypothesis right.   

First we had to fill both cups up halfway with water, then we added 2 teaspoons of yellow food colouring into one cup and 2 teaspoons of red food colouring into the other cup. After that we gathered the scissors(while our teacher observed us) and began to cut the stem just about 20cm long. Then carefully slice through the stem vertically to leave a 10cm slit at the bottom. After that we had to arrange the carnation, so that half of the divided stem was in each glass. Then we let it sit for 3 days. We didn’t need to water our plant because the food colouring had water in it.

The next day we observed our plant to see if it had changed, and guess what? One side of the flower had yellow petals, and the other side had red and orange petals. On the first day of our experiment, the flower was still the same until we had noticed that the flowers had changed colour.
We observed it until the last day of our experiment and the colours got darker and lighter! Then we noticed that our plants were breathing in c02(carbon dioxide). C02 is what we breathe out. Our plant was breathing out and supplying  oxygen for us to stay alive.

Then on the last day of our experiment, I discovered that if you add a flower to two different containers of food colouring, then the petals and the inside of the stem would change colour. I also learnt that not all hypotheses can be wrong! Another thing I realised about this experiment was that everybody has to have a job at observing, because seven brains are better than one.

Please leave me a comment that is positive and some things that I need to work on next time. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Koromiko Presentation

Here is a short presentation about some information I have found and made my own about 'Koromiko.' The native NZ plant that the Maori people used to help heal sores, ulcers and more. I hope that you learn a lot. Please leave a positive comment on how good my work was!!!

Friday, 17 August 2012

The War Between Centipedes And Worms!!!

The War Between Centipedes And Worms!!!

As the wind blew softly, the rain crashed down onto the mud like a huge rock! It was as muddy as a baby playing in mud. Meanwhile as I slid out of the sticky mud, I the Ancient God went gulp, gulp, gulp and on it goes. Until he the annoying Centipede came along and ruined my life! “I the Ancient God should be allowed to punish this annoying Centipede, I mean COME ON!!!! WE SHOULD JUST FIGHT TO BE PUNISHED SHOULDN’T WE??” I the Ancient God whined. “Centi has 100 legs and I the Ancient God have none. Centi is useless and I hate him so much that I want to kill him!!!” I the Ancient God replied again! As the wind slapped my face, I rushed back down to my family and told them that they have to stay safe while I was at war to fight for my life and my family.
It was then one stormy good rainy night when I spoke “Centi, have your last gulps, before I kill you!” Centi answered “Pheeeew, why don’t you???” “Well less talking more fighting, lets go!!! NOW!!!” I yelled! ‘Boom, bang, crash’ as you could here the smashing of Centi onto the muddy ground. “Just give up, you know that I’m going to beat you!” Shouted Centi, but “I the Ancient God never gives up!!!” So I kept on fighting.

20 minutes later Centi was out of breath! When I the Ancient went to go and take the last hit on Centi he spoke”Please don’t kill me! I promise that I’ll never ever disturb you again! I just love my wife and kids! So please? How about we make a deal? We half the land and if one of my centipedes come onto your land, you get to kill them! Please?” I the Ancient God thought for a moment then hooted back “Okay, but on one condition!” “What’s that?” spoke Centi. “If one of YOUR centipedes come onto my land I get to give them 3 chances and one of your people come over more than 3 times, then I get to kill you! Deal?” “Deal!” said Centi and they both became best friends and once Centi’s child went over to my side and even though he went over everyday to play with my son, I never killed Centi, because we became best buddies and we shared the whole bin of compost and we all lived happily ever after with loving  family and emotional friends!

My Fractions Presentation T3W5 2012

Here is my presentation of how we can write fractions in different way! For example: 4/5 can also be written as four fifths. You see? Anyway please leave a positive comment on how I did in my work!!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Term 3 Week 5 Current Events- Valerie Adams Wins Gold!!

Here is a presentation I created using Google Presentation. This is about Valerie Adams winning the gold medal. Valerie Adams had done us proud and represented NZ in a good way! Please read and please please leave a positive comment on how I did and please give me some feed forward and feed back for next time I do current events!