Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Multiplication Wheels T1W9

This is my Muliplication Wheels Maths task I completed for Maths this morning. Be sure to leave me some comments including FF and FB! 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Caprice: Spelling Week 8 Term One

This is my Spelling Practise Presentation with my new words for this week. Be sure to leave me some comments with some FF and FB! Also, come back next week to find out what my new set of words are!

Tamaki Primary Heads To North Head!

Tamaki Primary Heads To North Head!Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.24.55 PM.png
Written By: Caprice Tokoa
“Tamaki Primary students all hover around the Disappearing Gun to take a school selfie! What a blast they had!”

Wednesday the 12 of March, 2014, students and teachers who attend Tamaki Primary School got to experience face to face, artifacts which were used in war. Multiple students described the trip as if they had never had fun before! Students and teachers travelled by bus, ferry and foot. Other students thought that it was like running up and down the stairs about 20 times!  

Tamaki Primary students, teachers and some people from the public boarded the ferry and drove over the Waitemata Harbour, on the way to North Head! Year 7 student Maopa Tupouhia said “It was my first time ever on a boat and I loved every second of it! I really want to do this again!” After everyone calmed down and their hearts stopped beating a hundred times, it was time to hop off the ferry. Everyone got off the ferry and waved good bye to the drivers and the rest of the people that were still on the ferry. Malia pointed “I was scared to go on the ferry at first, but at the end of the day, I had so much fun and it was nice exploring North Head!” Everyone who attended the trip all got ready to set off for the long journey to North Head. Year 7 student from Room 8 Mehi Ake said “although it was tiring, the overall experience was amazing and it sure will help me with my work this term!” Everyone gathered together for the long, tiring, relevant walk. Kelly O'Rourke said, “Even though it was exhausting walking up the mountain, it was a good experience to explore North Head!”

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.24.36 PM.pngWhat a wonderful adventure Tamaki Primary had exploring North Head! 
They’ll be sure to do it again sometime!

"Some of the Year 8 boys set a good example with thumbs up as they get their picture taken!"

Friday, 14 March 2014

Spelling Practise Term One, Week Seven

This is my Spelling Practise Presentation Maopa and I completed. We used our creativity skills to complete this. Be sure to leave us some FF and FB in your comments!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

North Head Photos and KWL Chart

This is our KWL Chart which is based on our School Trip to North Head in Devonport! Be sure to leave us some comments because we put extra hard work and effort into this! Thanks!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our Trip To Tamaki College

On Thursday 21 February 2014, I experienced the lifestyle of a Year 9 Student. With 5 periods and two breaks. Five different teachers, five different classes  and five different subjects.

With two ambassadors Michael and Sione taking myself and a few other students from different schools to each five classes. Each class was 40 minutes long. Bt to me, the time flew by and felt like 5 minutes. 

My favourite teachers were Mr Major and Ms George. Mr Major teaches Science and Biolegy at Tamaki College. He doesn't really teach Year 9 students but if they're Year 10's or 12's, then yes!

Ms George is the teacher for the English class. She teaches students that English isn't just about Writing and Reading. It's also about creating and sharing. Inferring and editing. 

I felt happy and excited to go to Tamaki College on Thursday. But at the end of the day I felt over joyed and super happy to have gone to Tamaki College. Seeing all my other friends from different schools. I enjoyed taking pictures with my other friends and learning the way of Tamaki College. If I was to rate my day out of 10 

Cyber Smart: Digital Foot Prints

Did you know that whatever you post online leaves a digital footprint. Negative or positive, it still could affect your reputation. These are some words that and sentences that equal to having a positive digital foot print and a negative digital footprint. Be sure to throw me some comments including FF and FB! I hope this helped!!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Cruelty To Elephants

How can people treat animals this way? Some animals are human-like. Would you like it if Elephants did what you do to them? How do you think they feel when you hit them across the face, and body with a bull hook. Bull hooks dig into the skin and rip it apart. Elephants get hurt by that. They are beaten and are forced to do things like dance for a long amount of time. For example, one of the Elephants in the Ringling Brothers Circus, Tonka, she apparently kicked someone and was forced to dance all night long and was forced to perform night after night. The big message from this little bit of information is STAY AWAY FROM ANIMAL CIRCUSES! It encourages others to come and watch Amazing Elephants when the curtains open. But, when they close, it's a whole new and different story!

Current Events T1W7: First Great White Shark To Cross Atlantic Ocean

This is my Current Events Presentation. Please leave me some comments for next time, include FF and FB!