Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our Trip To Tamaki College

On Thursday 21 February 2014, I experienced the lifestyle of a Year 9 Student. With 5 periods and two breaks. Five different teachers, five different classes  and five different subjects.

With two ambassadors Michael and Sione taking myself and a few other students from different schools to each five classes. Each class was 40 minutes long. Bt to me, the time flew by and felt like 5 minutes. 

My favourite teachers were Mr Major and Ms George. Mr Major teaches Science and Biolegy at Tamaki College. He doesn't really teach Year 9 students but if they're Year 10's or 12's, then yes!

Ms George is the teacher for the English class. She teaches students that English isn't just about Writing and Reading. It's also about creating and sharing. Inferring and editing. 

I felt happy and excited to go to Tamaki College on Thursday. But at the end of the day I felt over joyed and super happy to have gone to Tamaki College. Seeing all my other friends from different schools. I enjoyed taking pictures with my other friends and learning the way of Tamaki College. If I was to rate my day out of 10 

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