Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blooms Taxonomy: Task One: Knowledge

Novel Study - Blooms taxonomy
Task one: knowledge
Name all of the characters in the novel and describe them.
Miriam - She is a open minded girl, who speaks what she feels and says what she tells her mind! But then one day, she stood up for herself and told them exactly how she felt. Now, she is DEAD to their family.
Magdalene - Magdalene(AKA Maggie) is Esther’s best friend. Because when Esther first moved there, Maggie wanted to be friends with her already!
Esther - Esther is a substanced ordered young girl who is just like Miriam, but she just speaks her mind. Esther was the name Aunt Naomi changed it to because they are religious and they believe in God. Kirby(AKA Esther) prayed for the first time saying that God, will keep Zillah safe!
Daniel - Daniel is the oldest and most maturest
Aunt Naomi - She is Esther’s Aunt and she had just given birth to a young baby girl named Zillah.
Uncle Caleb - He is a strict but fun uncle to Esther. But is also a fun dad to Magdalene, Daniel, Zillah, Rebbeca, etc.
Mrs Fletcher - She is a teacher at school who is like a school council monitor who Kirby talks to at school and she trys to help her find Kirby’s mum!
Ellen - Ellen is Esther’s mum. Who abandoned Esther and left her with people she never met before! But then later on in the nel, she then realises  that she made a mistake. She want s to
see her daughter one more time!

Section One: Knowledge
Make a word search containing 10 or more words in your novel.

Section Two: knowledge
what other books have the author written? list them below:
- Fierce September
- Slide The corner
- Dear Pop
- Deadly Prospect
- Fifteen and Screaming
- Ambushed
- AP Destination Disaster
- Walking Lightly
- Driving A Bargain


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