Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blooms Taxonomy - Novel Study: Task Two:

Novel Study - Blooms Taxonomy

Comprehension: Task two:
What genre of book is this? List three evidences of this:
The genre of this novel “I Am Not Esther” is suitable for young adults or teenagers. It is fiction because it is based on a true story but is like it is true as well as in the novel!
- Because of the language content throughout the novel.
- Because of the way Fleur Beale has structured this novel.
- Because of the formate and the descriptive words she has used.

Comprehension: Task Two:

Tell in your own words about the beginning of the novel in a 45 second speech to the class or on a paper!

I am in the Reading Group Chapter 7 and the novel we read is called “I Am Not Esther.” I am going to explain the beginning of this book for 45 seconds in Esther’s perspective.
I can’t believe my mother is leaving me with some PEOPLE I haven’t met before. She’s leaving me with I don’t even know what to say anymore! Time passed and mum was gone. She had already left and I hated to see her go! Mum never did this to me. She will come back for me right? Oh, who am I even talking to? No ones even here! (sigh). When Uncle Caleb picked me up. I hated it! When I got to the house. Aunt Naomi changed my name and said that it was Esther. I was so angry! I didn’t want to change my name to that name! Just because they are religious and they believe in GOD! Doesn’t mean I do!!! I am being pushed down a really, really long pathway and I don’t want to be down there! I just want to be back to my normal life where. I live with my mum and we’re happy living together.

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