Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Observation Report 2012

Here is my information report on my science investigation experiment.

In week 4 term 3, Tamaki Primary School started learning about plants and how they grow. We decided to go further in our research about plants and how they can help us stay alive. So we created an amazing experiment of our own. My group was given two bottles of food colouring, one red and the other yellow. We also gathered a spoon, a bowl, some scissors, two cups(both half full of water),  a knife, and a flower. We had to think about what would happen if we cut a flower stem and put one side of the stem into one cup and the other into the other cup. This is what we had to do to make our hypothesis right.   

First we had to fill both cups up halfway with water, then we added 2 teaspoons of yellow food colouring into one cup and 2 teaspoons of red food colouring into the other cup. After that we gathered the scissors(while our teacher observed us) and began to cut the stem just about 20cm long. Then carefully slice through the stem vertically to leave a 10cm slit at the bottom. After that we had to arrange the carnation, so that half of the divided stem was in each glass. Then we let it sit for 3 days. We didn’t need to water our plant because the food colouring had water in it.

The next day we observed our plant to see if it had changed, and guess what? One side of the flower had yellow petals, and the other side had red and orange petals. On the first day of our experiment, the flower was still the same until we had noticed that the flowers had changed colour.
We observed it until the last day of our experiment and the colours got darker and lighter! Then we noticed that our plants were breathing in c02(carbon dioxide). C02 is what we breathe out. Our plant was breathing out and supplying  oxygen for us to stay alive.

Then on the last day of our experiment, I discovered that if you add a flower to two different containers of food colouring, then the petals and the inside of the stem would change colour. I also learnt that not all hypotheses can be wrong! Another thing I realised about this experiment was that everybody has to have a job at observing, because seven brains are better than one.

Please leave me a comment that is positive and some things that I need to work on next time. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Koromiko Presentation

Here is a short presentation about some information I have found and made my own about 'Koromiko.' The native NZ plant that the Maori people used to help heal sores, ulcers and more. I hope that you learn a lot. Please leave a positive comment on how good my work was!!!

Friday, 17 August 2012

The War Between Centipedes And Worms!!!

The War Between Centipedes And Worms!!!

As the wind blew softly, the rain crashed down onto the mud like a huge rock! It was as muddy as a baby playing in mud. Meanwhile as I slid out of the sticky mud, I the Ancient God went gulp, gulp, gulp and on it goes. Until he the annoying Centipede came along and ruined my life! “I the Ancient God should be allowed to punish this annoying Centipede, I mean COME ON!!!! WE SHOULD JUST FIGHT TO BE PUNISHED SHOULDN’T WE??” I the Ancient God whined. “Centi has 100 legs and I the Ancient God have none. Centi is useless and I hate him so much that I want to kill him!!!” I the Ancient God replied again! As the wind slapped my face, I rushed back down to my family and told them that they have to stay safe while I was at war to fight for my life and my family.
It was then one stormy good rainy night when I spoke “Centi, have your last gulps, before I kill you!” Centi answered “Pheeeew, why don’t you???” “Well less talking more fighting, lets go!!! NOW!!!” I yelled! ‘Boom, bang, crash’ as you could here the smashing of Centi onto the muddy ground. “Just give up, you know that I’m going to beat you!” Shouted Centi, but “I the Ancient God never gives up!!!” So I kept on fighting.

20 minutes later Centi was out of breath! When I the Ancient went to go and take the last hit on Centi he spoke”Please don’t kill me! I promise that I’ll never ever disturb you again! I just love my wife and kids! So please? How about we make a deal? We half the land and if one of my centipedes come onto your land, you get to kill them! Please?” I the Ancient God thought for a moment then hooted back “Okay, but on one condition!” “What’s that?” spoke Centi. “If one of YOUR centipedes come onto my land I get to give them 3 chances and one of your people come over more than 3 times, then I get to kill you! Deal?” “Deal!” said Centi and they both became best friends and once Centi’s child went over to my side and even though he went over everyday to play with my son, I never killed Centi, because we became best buddies and we shared the whole bin of compost and we all lived happily ever after with loving  family and emotional friends!

My Fractions Presentation T3W5 2012

Here is my presentation of how we can write fractions in different way! For example: 4/5 can also be written as four fifths. You see? Anyway please leave a positive comment on how I did in my work!!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Term 3 Week 5 Current Events- Valerie Adams Wins Gold!!

Here is a presentation I created using Google Presentation. This is about Valerie Adams winning the gold medal. Valerie Adams had done us proud and represented NZ in a good way! Please read and please please leave a positive comment on how I did and please give me some feed forward and feed back for next time I do current events! 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Day One: Observation Term 3

Today we checked our plants. Our hypothesis was right, the stem and petals changed colour! Now...
I am wondering if we left the flowers in the food colouring for another 2 weeks, what will happen to the flowers?

What will happen to the flowers if the food colouring was toxic oil? Would the flowers die? Or will they stay alive?

What will happen if we put the flowers in sun but the food colouring would be toxic oil?

Will the flowers still change colour, if we change the food colouring to water?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Stain The Veins Experiment

Here is a picture of the science experiment our group did. My hypothese is that the petals will change colour! We added a lot of flowers to make it more effective. I hope that you like and please leave me a comment on how our group did! Our big question is WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE FLOWER?

My Basic Facts Progress T3W4


These are my basic facts results so far this term. My goal for week 5 is to try and get 90 out of 100. Because this week I go 87 out of 100. Here is a screenshot I took of my Basic Facts Spreadsheet. To do this I used Google Spreadsheet. I need to beat my time by trying to do it in at least 6:00 minutes and 0 seconds!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Narrative Craft- The Beautiful Garden

The Beautiful Garden

Long ago leaves were just brown. Now leaves colour vividly in Autumn. The lushness of sparkly emeralds reflect on the sun. Faded away from last summer's sun. As the trees stood tall and the grass was dancing, birds chirped in the beautiful light of the sun. Overgrown weeds with tangled spider webs and rustling of relaxed leaves. Many kinds of birds and insects visit here. “It was like Mother Nature was here!” Leona spoke happily. As some trees were swaying side to side the softness of each flower petal made Leona tired and she fell asleep. The petals were as soft as a fluffy pillow. Leona wasn’t a humble girl, she was a girl that had an open mind, but when it came to being quiet, she was a silent as a lion pouncing at its target  to hunt for their dinner!

When Leona woke up all she could see was her beautiful garden destroyed. Leona cried “OH NO!!! What has happened?” As she looked around, she saw a angry lady. (well to her she was angry.) Leona yelled out “HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE! WHY DID YOU JUST DO THAT TO MY BEAUTIFUL GARDEN?”

The angry lady turned around and hooted “I am sorry. I’m just so depressed and blue right now, that I had to destroy something.” Leona mouthed “Please, come over here”
So the sad lady walked over to Leona and they had a good chat about why the sad lady was sad. She said that her name was Belinda. Belinda was sad because her dad was killed and the last words that Belinda could say to her father was “I LOVE YOU DAD!!” Belinda couldn’t live without her dad. Without her dad, Belinda’s heart was broken into a thousand pieces. So Leona asked if they could be friends until the end and Belinda hooted happily “Yes, Yes, Yes! I would love to be friends with a friendly girl like you!” So from that day on, Leona and Belinda added more final touches and tidied up her garden, they became best, best friends and made a promise that if anyone of them was to destroy their beautiful garden again their relationship as B.F.F’S would be over! The beautiful garden can only be destroyed once, but the beautiful garden now belongs to the both of them. Theres always someone with a blink of an eye watching them. Trying to destroy their lovely relationship as best friends.

Just because you’re sad, doesn't mean that you can just go around destroying other peoples things. Just talk to someone about why you’re sad and who made you feel this way! Because remember you’re not the only one in the world.

Caprice T3W4 Tips For Composting.

Here is a Google Presentation about Tips On Composting. When you finish reading my tips, it'll make you want to get up and go home to start making your own Compost bin in your backyard! We used Google Presentation to create this. We created a new presentation and we started typing some of the tips we learnt during learning about Compost and how it works. I hope that you learn a lot about how to Compost and how it works. Please leave a comment and say how you thought I did!!! 

My Popplet Display On Compost!!

Here is a display of my facts. We used to create this display. I hope that you learn a lot and remember, these facts are TRUE!!! 
Please leave a comment on how I went and feed forward and feed back!!!

My Wordle Display About Compost

Here is some vocabulary about Compost. To create this we used If you go to this website you can create a lot of things. I hope that you have learnt a lot about Compost. Please leave a positive comment about my work.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Fractions Challenge.

Here is some of the fractions that I have made using TuxPaint. Can you try and figure out what parts are shaded? Or CAN YOU??


What parts of my fractions are shaded???

Monday, 6 August 2012

Science Vocabulary

This is a awesome presentation about some of the science vocabulary words. We searched up some answers and wrote them down in our own words. I hope you learn a lot about these 5 important words. Please leave me a positive comment.  

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Gift Of The Pohutukawa Tree Craft

The Gift Of The Pohutukawa Tree Craft

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Michael. He was as humble as could be. Michael had short black hair and always wore a tie with his clothes. His favourite colours were red and green. One day he went for a stroll in the park to look for a spot to read his book, when he came to a sign that said “Pohutukawa Tree, red and green, the native tree of NZ.” Michael smiled likely. The colour of the flowers on the tree attracted him . He sat down thinking “Ahh at last, I have found a spot to read quietly.” Michael was an intelligent young 10 year old boy, who loved to learn new things and loved to try and challenge himself by trying to read harder books. Ten minutes later he fell straight to sleep.

All of a sudden the noise of a chainsaw woke him. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and when he opened his eyes, he saw Mr Saw trying to cut down this beautiful Pohutukawa tree. Michael yelled “Hey, Mr Saw, what are you doing? Why are you trying to cut down this beautiful tree? Why aren’t you listening to me?” Mr Saw stopped and groaned “I can do whatever I want to do Michael!!!” “NO, you can’t” shouted Michael, as he tried to stop Mr Saw from cutting the tree down.

Michael came up with the most appropriate idea yet. He wrapped his arms tightly around the beautiful Pohutukawa Tree and wailed “IF YOU WANT TO CUT DOWN THIS TREE, THEN YOU’LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST. YOU’LL HAVE TO CUT THROUGH ME FIRST!!!” “This is a native tree to New Zealand and the only tree that I can come to daily and read under, so please don’t cut this tree down Mr Saw, please!” Michael said with feelings. Mr Saw stopped and thought with emotion as well and wailed gloomily “You’re right, I can’t cut down this tree, because it is a native New Zealand tree. I want to keep this tree here so that when I come for walks with my kids, I can show them this beautiful Pohutukawa Tree and tell them the story of The Pohutukawa Tree and how I learnt my lesson!” From that day on, Michael saw Mr Saw with his children every time he would go to the Pohutukawa Tree and when he was alone, Michael would hug this Pohutukawa Tree tightly as tight as he would hug his mother and father.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Photosynthesis Vocabulary

Here is a photo of some Vocabulary words we have learnt lately while learning about Energy: Photosynthesis. I hope that you learn heaps and please leave a positive comment about my Vocabulary Words. Also please leave me some feed forward and feed back!!!

Word Web T3W3

 We went to and created this awesome clip on our word of the week "SAID." We had to think of different ways we could say rather than to use the word "SAID." I hope that you can leave me some feed forward and feed back on my clip. Also please leave a positive comment. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


WALA(about)- Photosynthesis and how plants grow with Photosynthesis.