Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Narrative Craft- The Beautiful Garden

The Beautiful Garden

Long ago leaves were just brown. Now leaves colour vividly in Autumn. The lushness of sparkly emeralds reflect on the sun. Faded away from last summer's sun. As the trees stood tall and the grass was dancing, birds chirped in the beautiful light of the sun. Overgrown weeds with tangled spider webs and rustling of relaxed leaves. Many kinds of birds and insects visit here. “It was like Mother Nature was here!” Leona spoke happily. As some trees were swaying side to side the softness of each flower petal made Leona tired and she fell asleep. The petals were as soft as a fluffy pillow. Leona wasn’t a humble girl, she was a girl that had an open mind, but when it came to being quiet, she was a silent as a lion pouncing at its target  to hunt for their dinner!

When Leona woke up all she could see was her beautiful garden destroyed. Leona cried “OH NO!!! What has happened?” As she looked around, she saw a angry lady. (well to her she was angry.) Leona yelled out “HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE! WHY DID YOU JUST DO THAT TO MY BEAUTIFUL GARDEN?”

The angry lady turned around and hooted “I am sorry. I’m just so depressed and blue right now, that I had to destroy something.” Leona mouthed “Please, come over here”
So the sad lady walked over to Leona and they had a good chat about why the sad lady was sad. She said that her name was Belinda. Belinda was sad because her dad was killed and the last words that Belinda could say to her father was “I LOVE YOU DAD!!” Belinda couldn’t live without her dad. Without her dad, Belinda’s heart was broken into a thousand pieces. So Leona asked if they could be friends until the end and Belinda hooted happily “Yes, Yes, Yes! I would love to be friends with a friendly girl like you!” So from that day on, Leona and Belinda added more final touches and tidied up her garden, they became best, best friends and made a promise that if anyone of them was to destroy their beautiful garden again their relationship as B.F.F’S would be over! The beautiful garden can only be destroyed once, but the beautiful garden now belongs to the both of them. Theres always someone with a blink of an eye watching them. Trying to destroy their lovely relationship as best friends.

Just because you’re sad, doesn't mean that you can just go around destroying other peoples things. Just talk to someone about why you’re sad and who made you feel this way! Because remember you’re not the only one in the world.

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  1. A strong message Caprice. That is the aim of an author - to get your audience thinking. Well done.


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