Friday, 3 August 2012

The Gift Of The Pohutukawa Tree Craft

The Gift Of The Pohutukawa Tree Craft

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Michael. He was as humble as could be. Michael had short black hair and always wore a tie with his clothes. His favourite colours were red and green. One day he went for a stroll in the park to look for a spot to read his book, when he came to a sign that said “Pohutukawa Tree, red and green, the native tree of NZ.” Michael smiled likely. The colour of the flowers on the tree attracted him . He sat down thinking “Ahh at last, I have found a spot to read quietly.” Michael was an intelligent young 10 year old boy, who loved to learn new things and loved to try and challenge himself by trying to read harder books. Ten minutes later he fell straight to sleep.

All of a sudden the noise of a chainsaw woke him. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and when he opened his eyes, he saw Mr Saw trying to cut down this beautiful Pohutukawa tree. Michael yelled “Hey, Mr Saw, what are you doing? Why are you trying to cut down this beautiful tree? Why aren’t you listening to me?” Mr Saw stopped and groaned “I can do whatever I want to do Michael!!!” “NO, you can’t” shouted Michael, as he tried to stop Mr Saw from cutting the tree down.

Michael came up with the most appropriate idea yet. He wrapped his arms tightly around the beautiful Pohutukawa Tree and wailed “IF YOU WANT TO CUT DOWN THIS TREE, THEN YOU’LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST. YOU’LL HAVE TO CUT THROUGH ME FIRST!!!” “This is a native tree to New Zealand and the only tree that I can come to daily and read under, so please don’t cut this tree down Mr Saw, please!” Michael said with feelings. Mr Saw stopped and thought with emotion as well and wailed gloomily “You’re right, I can’t cut down this tree, because it is a native New Zealand tree. I want to keep this tree here so that when I come for walks with my kids, I can show them this beautiful Pohutukawa Tree and tell them the story of The Pohutukawa Tree and how I learnt my lesson!” From that day on, Michael saw Mr Saw with his children every time he would go to the Pohutukawa Tree and when he was alone, Michael would hug this Pohutukawa Tree tightly as tight as he would hug his mother and father.

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