Friday, 17 August 2012

The War Between Centipedes And Worms!!!

The War Between Centipedes And Worms!!!

As the wind blew softly, the rain crashed down onto the mud like a huge rock! It was as muddy as a baby playing in mud. Meanwhile as I slid out of the sticky mud, I the Ancient God went gulp, gulp, gulp and on it goes. Until he the annoying Centipede came along and ruined my life! “I the Ancient God should be allowed to punish this annoying Centipede, I mean COME ON!!!! WE SHOULD JUST FIGHT TO BE PUNISHED SHOULDN’T WE??” I the Ancient God whined. “Centi has 100 legs and I the Ancient God have none. Centi is useless and I hate him so much that I want to kill him!!!” I the Ancient God replied again! As the wind slapped my face, I rushed back down to my family and told them that they have to stay safe while I was at war to fight for my life and my family.
It was then one stormy good rainy night when I spoke “Centi, have your last gulps, before I kill you!” Centi answered “Pheeeew, why don’t you???” “Well less talking more fighting, lets go!!! NOW!!!” I yelled! ‘Boom, bang, crash’ as you could here the smashing of Centi onto the muddy ground. “Just give up, you know that I’m going to beat you!” Shouted Centi, but “I the Ancient God never gives up!!!” So I kept on fighting.

20 minutes later Centi was out of breath! When I the Ancient went to go and take the last hit on Centi he spoke”Please don’t kill me! I promise that I’ll never ever disturb you again! I just love my wife and kids! So please? How about we make a deal? We half the land and if one of my centipedes come onto your land, you get to kill them! Please?” I the Ancient God thought for a moment then hooted back “Okay, but on one condition!” “What’s that?” spoke Centi. “If one of YOUR centipedes come onto my land I get to give them 3 chances and one of your people come over more than 3 times, then I get to kill you! Deal?” “Deal!” said Centi and they both became best friends and once Centi’s child went over to my side and even though he went over everyday to play with my son, I never killed Centi, because we became best buddies and we shared the whole bin of compost and we all lived happily ever after with loving  family and emotional friends!

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  1. Well done Caprice, you have followed TOPS to complete a narrative story and you have tried your best to use powerful words. Keep up the fantastic writing!


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