Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Observation Report 2012

Here is my information report on my science investigation experiment.

In week 4 term 3, Tamaki Primary School started learning about plants and how they grow. We decided to go further in our research about plants and how they can help us stay alive. So we created an amazing experiment of our own. My group was given two bottles of food colouring, one red and the other yellow. We also gathered a spoon, a bowl, some scissors, two cups(both half full of water),  a knife, and a flower. We had to think about what would happen if we cut a flower stem and put one side of the stem into one cup and the other into the other cup. This is what we had to do to make our hypothesis right.   

First we had to fill both cups up halfway with water, then we added 2 teaspoons of yellow food colouring into one cup and 2 teaspoons of red food colouring into the other cup. After that we gathered the scissors(while our teacher observed us) and began to cut the stem just about 20cm long. Then carefully slice through the stem vertically to leave a 10cm slit at the bottom. After that we had to arrange the carnation, so that half of the divided stem was in each glass. Then we let it sit for 3 days. We didn’t need to water our plant because the food colouring had water in it.

The next day we observed our plant to see if it had changed, and guess what? One side of the flower had yellow petals, and the other side had red and orange petals. On the first day of our experiment, the flower was still the same until we had noticed that the flowers had changed colour.
We observed it until the last day of our experiment and the colours got darker and lighter! Then we noticed that our plants were breathing in c02(carbon dioxide). C02 is what we breathe out. Our plant was breathing out and supplying  oxygen for us to stay alive.

Then on the last day of our experiment, I discovered that if you add a flower to two different containers of food colouring, then the petals and the inside of the stem would change colour. I also learnt that not all hypotheses can be wrong! Another thing I realised about this experiment was that everybody has to have a job at observing, because seven brains are better than one.

Please leave me a comment that is positive and some things that I need to work on next time. 

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