Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Tasks For Today:

Work your way through the tasks below.  You can do them in any order, but they must be completed by the end of the day.

Highlight or delete each task as you complete it so you know what you need to finish.

Task One:
Climate Change
  1. Next to each word in part 1. - write what it means and practice saying the word with a friend.
  2. Watch this video about climate change
  3. Complete the answers in part 2. and 3. of the worksheet in a doc(organise into reading), stick the worksheet into your inquiry book.
  4. Create a wordle display of your new climate change words that you have learnt more about today and post this wordle display to your blog.

Task Two:
Solar Energy:  The Power of the Sun
-Read the information FIRST
-Then complete the follow up questions/activities
-Create a google presentation about Solar Energy using the information found from this task.

Task Three:
My Own Personal Robot...
-Complete the T-Chart (My robot will... My robot will not...) while thinking about your own future invention.
-Answer the questions at the bottom of the sheet (question 4 will require you to do some extra research about Isaac Azimov)
-Design your own robotic pet (does not have to be a puppy) using the Isaac Azimov’s three laws of robotics.
-Take a picture of your design and post this to your blog with a brief description (name of pet, what it can do, what it can’t do etc).

Task Four:
-Complete the grammarnastics task sheet that includes thinking about homophones and other vocabulary.

When you have finished all of the above tasks TO A HIGH STANDARD (No spelling mistakes, the right punctuation, checked with a partner, neat presentation), you may have free time.

This is my four tasks I had to complete during the day! I had so much fun doing these activities and ended up completing it all! Be sure to leave me some wonderful comments!

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