Friday, 15 July 2011

Meerkat Mail Book Review

Author: Emily Gavett
Type of book: Picture Book
Tittle: Meerakat Mail

Book Description:
What Happened: A young meerakat has left his large family and has left a note saying he is off to find a place that is perfect for him.
Main Characters: Sunny, His Cousins, Teacher, Mum and Dad.

What did you think about the book and why did you think of that?
I thought that the story was fun, exciting, sad and most of all happy.
Sad because: It was sad because he left without saying good bye to his large family.
Fun because: It was fun because he travelled to other places that didn’t just have hot weather, but some were cold, windy, snowy and even rainy.
Happy because: It was happy because Sunny came back to his beloved family.

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  1. Cool Caprice!!Well done on telling what it is about.
    You could add your ratting next time.
    Keep it up.

    From your friend Muatau at stonefields school.


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