Friday, 27 May 2011

Information Report about Harakeke

Helpful Plant - Harakeke!

Did you know that Harakeke is still used today?
Other people didn’t know that!

Hararkeke looks like a bush as well as a green shadow. Another thing I think it looks like is a green hedgehog.

How Harakeke Heals:
Did you know that Harakeke is a plant that can help to heal sores, cuts, bruisers and broken bones or broken fingers? The strong fibres were even used to help sew up wounds!

How the Harakeke is prepared:
The Tohunga (preist/doctor) is the only person with the power to use the medicine unless the Touhunga isn’t there and it’s an emergency. The roots can be roasted or boiled.

Did you know that the Maori people mostly used Harakeke and Hangehange as their most important plant for Rongoa.

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  1. You worked very hard on your information report Caprice and the end product is fantastic! I really liked your use of hooks to keep the reader interested.

    Well done,
    Your proud teacher, Miss Kyla!


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