Friday, 23 September 2011

Caprice Tokoa

It was windy and cold as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu...

As he walked out Mr Piri looked strong and fully fit. I already knew that he was born in 1983, 7th of September and that’s why he’s young. He is powerful, strong and fierce. Mr Piri has soft short black hair that is as black as monster’s fur. When he started leading the Haka he looked angry and big hearted! Mr weepu is 94kgs. Piri has a ta moko on his right arm and he has a baby daughter named Taylor. He is as bulky as a muscle man.

Mr Weepu likes to eat Mac Donald's (also known as the golden arches) and his favourite sea food is kina. Piri likes to play golf and rugby. His favourite thing to do while he is playing rugby is to lead the Haka. His favourite dog is a Bulldog.Piri hates bad people and he also hated English as well as Maths when he went to school.

As the game started, Mr weepu sprinted across the field like a cheetah. He played for the Junior All Blacks in 2005 and he won the New Zealand Maori Award also in 2005.
He moves like he was born to play rugby. Mr Weepu tries his very best to make his team win. Mr Piri shows intelligent sportsmanship as well as training well. He is a player who is determined.

As Mr Weepu ran across the field - others in his team defending - as he made his way to the try line. His number is 9 and while he is wearing his jersey it looks cool and he represents his team like an captain. The referee says that last try wins. His team cheers and they're all happy that they have won.

He shows New Zealand how good he is at the Haka and he isn’t afraid of showing off his personality and his career.

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