Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Firework...

This is my firework display description. Be sure to leave me some comments including FF and FB!

As my mother and I trotted towards the centre of the bridge, with our heads looking up into the sky. Eating candy floss the colour of a fluffy pink cloud. The bright colours of the fireworks made us hiccup.
I could scent the crisp air taking over the yucky smell as the firework rose it’s body out into the air to show off. As if it’s never been out before. Boom! The loud clap made a thunderous noise inside my ears. Creating a flood with my blood. Carefully tapping them, I could hear again.

As my mother and I laid down on the hard concrete floor, we stared up at the sky, creating sky limits within our sight. I could see smiling faces and happy families. I saw an orange sky and very big flies.

Te Ra asleep, Te Marama wide awake. Shining his white circle body into the darkness. As it began to get darker and darker. More fireworks were released into the air. Creating a loom in the night. Brightening up the world. Telling people they better watch out!

I put my head down and turned on my stomach. I looked down beneath the bridge where boats passed slowly and the sea crinkled softly as it left waves when a boat was passed a point. I could taste the sea salt making my taste buds spew. The different flavours of the fireworks were just delicious.

Turning back on my back, putting down all of my digestive system, I put my head back up towards the sky. A horizon line I saw in the distance. Still a bit close though.

Several times, wind blew me over. Making me dizzy as I laid on the floor. Spinning my head seeing the sight of what fireworks looked like when I was dizzy, was such a majestic sight. I was still spinning my head round and round a couple of minutes later. Stopping, everything was constantly going clockwise until I rubbed my blue and green eyes. Back to normal.

Mother and I stood up off the concrete, wiped all the little rocks off our backs and began to walk home. All the excitement was now over, people were beginning to get tired and walked home as if nothing happened at all!

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