Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Tiger Poem

This is my Tiger Poem about a Tiger. It describes the Tiger and what the Tiger is doing. Be sure to leave me a comment including FF and FB. 

Tiger with a coat of dissimilar stripes,
when he’s angry, tiger swipes.
Tiger cautious, guarding his lair.
Danger lurking, tiger aware.
Tiger hungry, so he hunts.
Tiger quarry, tiger confronts.
Tiger waiting, being sly.
undercover, no tiger espy.
Tiger detects now he purrs.
Hunger pangs, tiger stirs.
Tiger quick, must now surprise.
Here we have on tiger, wise.
Tiger from his throat he roars.
Stretching out those tiger claws.
Tiger moving stealthy pelt.
Expiration, by tiger dealt.

Tiger now belly filled.
Anger passed, on tiger stilled.
Tiger sleeping with the pride.
Craving gone tiger satisfied.
Tiger such a majestic sight.
Near extinction, tiger fights.
Tiger beautiful and so fine.
Tiger we must have respect.
For your great tiger intellect.

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