Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Phillippe Petit

I shook as chills of fear took over me. Hovering holding my screams in, trying not to let them hesitate others around me. Trotting towards the wire limping on purpose, I tilt my head up and pray to God. To bless me with his faith and strength. Releasing my leg onto the wire, feeling my digestive system twist and change their positions. My stomach twisted into a knot but I knew I still had the courage to complete my ambition. Taking deep, deep breaths wondering if I could do this. Breathing in and out, fear haunted me. As I put my head silently down, winds past me swishing and smacking me. But I didn’t fall. Still with my head down, seeing ant-like people bustling in and out of the subway. Emotions punched me. Tears were building up behind my eyes. I couldn’t take it.

A tremendous fire started up in my body. Leaving sweat trickling down my body. I took a fourth step onto the cable. Talking to my fear feelings, telling them it is my day to shine. Telling them that it’s my day to learn and I am in control now! My fear feelings then fall asleep. Now that’s one thing off my worry list. Stepping one by one. Holding onto the balancing stick, relaxed as I pulled my back down towards the cable. Laying my legs down as I look up to the sky felt like freedom. Seeing the sky fade away then appear again. Such a majestic sight. Noticing birds soar above and below me. Seeing planes drift above me felt like Heaven. Standing up again, leaning onto the wire for grip, words I can’t describe drained through me like a bullet rebounding off me. Landing on the edge of the North Tower.

As I reached the centre of the wire, my eyes faded in time. Almost falling asleep, blinking repeatedly, wide awake at this time. Wondering if I had the courage to look down. Couldn’t do it, but I did it anyway! Quickly putting my head up and walked on, I was almost there. Three quarters of the way. I stopped and felt a surge of laughter contain in my body. It was released into the air. I laughed and laughed for no reason at all. I wanted to do something fun but silly at the same time. I wriggled my legs and arms until I was focused again. Focused finally, I took the final steps towards the end. As the end came, I decided to make a run for it. So I put my head up, and took a breath like it was the last to come out of my mouth. I then began to make my steps more faster and faster. Running at full speed, I made it and how happy was I? I had the courage to make my ambition reality and my dreams came true. The most words that went through my mind was would make it? Should I just fall! But I took over and won!

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