Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Speech Mark Punctuation

Punctuate the following story correctly.

WALT use place punctuation correctly in a sentence.
WALT structure dialogue correctly by using speech marks and other punctuation that is appropriate for the purpose of the dialogue.

“What’s that?” Gasped Raj.
“What?” Asked Sara following his finger pointing.
“I can’t see anything!” Her eyes were not yet used to the darkness.  
“That look! There’s something moving by the greenhouse.” Hissed Raj. Something glided silently past the panes of glass which shone in the moonlight.  
“Yes! I can see it now.” Whispered Sara.”  
“It’s fox Raj.” Whispered Sarah.
“ No I don’t think so! It’s too tall. It’s more like a small person, perhaps a child.”  Raj looked towards the greenhouse.   He breathed.
 “There it is again! Did you see it Sara?” Sara could not believe her eyes.
“I saw it and I could see through it she said.”  Raj nodded his head
“A ghost!” They both whispered.
//    = new line
“ ” = speech marks
.     = full stop
,     = comma
?    = question mark
!  = exclamation mark

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