Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Term 2 Holiday 2013 Report

Towards my holidays. My holidays started at 10 am on Friday(the last day of the term). I missed school on Friday(the last day of the term) so that I could travel from Auckland to Thames(down the line) to see my whanau. It all began when we got into the car. We travelled and when we finally got to Thames, I straight away ran upstairs to my Grandad a big hug. I then hugged my aunty and said hi to the others! My Mum then baked a pie(mince and cheese), so we had a big kai. We had scones, a big pie sprite, cookies and more. After that we cleaned Mum, Dad and Brother got ready to go back home! I kissed them goodbye and that’s all when it began. I ate chocolate, watched movies and had naps. During my holidays, I went to Thames and I spent time baby-sitting, going shopping and doing fun things with my Grandad! I had so much fun in my holidays, that I will do it again! You just wait!!!


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This is my holiday report! be sure to leave me some comments about this report for my next report!

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