Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shadows and Abuse...

It was the strangest thing I have ever seen...
The moonlight crept into the window, making shadows loom illuminating the dark corridors. The deafening silence created an eerie atmosphere, so much that it almost made me turn back. Even then, something made me carry on, an invisible force pushing me, persuading me...
... And then I saw it, the image is still engraved in my mind, on my eyelids when I close my eyes it’s always there. It was the most strangest thing I have ever seen in my life.
That was the day when it all ended.....
And when it all began. Whoosh! I felt a gush of wind run behind me. Swish! I felt it again but in front of me.
“Lalalalalalala!” I could hear someone crying and singing. It was a girl. A innocent girl who needed to be saved.

As I walked over to the door handle I heard a creak from the wooden floor behind me. I turned around as fast as I could and laid my back against the hard wooden door.
“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I yelled. But as I yelled, it echoed repeatedly.
“STOP!” I shouted once again. But as I yelled it still echoed. I whispered but silence was upon me and I couldn’t figure out how to get out.
“If you want to get out, listen to me. Together we will make a good team and you can have anything you want in life. Just join mee!!” The image spoke.
“NO! NO! I want to go home!  Let me go! Please let me go!” I pleaded as long as I could. I knew that from that day and on I was going to be stuck in these corridors  with a thing I haven’t even met before! The deafening eerie sound of silence and the buzzing of lights powering off and on was so frightening that I got used to it!
“Are you ready to meet me?” It said.
“Of course I am! I need to meet you if you’re going to keep me in here for ages!” I replied.

There she stood. Out of the darkness and into the off and on light. She who was physically bullied. She who was abused with words and actions. She who was sick and tired of it. She who wanted revenge. She who wanted souls! She who had died and knew it was over. This was the end! This was the end! This is never the right choice!

This is another piece of my writing skills. I added different language features. I also selected and rejected. Which means adding and deleting. Be sure to pop on by to have a cup-a-tea and tell me your comments including FF and FB!

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