Thursday, 4 July 2013

My Narrative/Argument About The Grand Canyon!

Walking towards it, nerves rushed through my heart. Feelings of death rooted me and trapped within me. As I pray to God with full hope and strength, I pray and pray and pray to walk across it  safely and to make my family proud. I feel so nervous. I have fear pacing through my blood, walking up and down me. My family has tried to do this for 7 generations and have ended their lives because of this. I know that that won’t come to me. I will end up sometime struggling, but I will make it across. I am up 1500 feet from the ground and I will not look down.

As I step up each step and make my way onto the rope and slowly began walking across, I feel I am not wearing the right clothing and I don’t have any protection. Walking on a tightrope that is  2 inches wide and holding a balancing stick that is very long is not easy. As I reach the centre of the tightrope, I then realise I have to battle a gust of wind. I am now feeling so scared, that I feel like turning around. With the blink of an eye I could scent the strong smell of rocks and dirt wafting up towards my nose. There is flashes going off in front of my eyes. People’s mouths moving.

I am three quarters of the way across the Grand Canyon. The sun bullets towards me and I cross my face with my hand. I feel as though there was a grenade running through me like a lighting bolt. I fear my family watching this. Another gust of wind hits me, so I kneel for protection. I then realise that now I have to stay focused because if I unfocus, I know what will happen. I would end up falling and looking like a squashed apple. The last steps I took as I ran felt daunting. Not only daunting it’s quite scary. You get this shock and tingle in your body. As my last few steps were not even going to be my last few steps, i shuffled quite a bit then I ran and ran until I reached the end.

I run the rest of the way across a 2 inch tight rope and made it. All that wind and all that highness is now over. I hug my family until I feel and could smell scent the of their bodies. I know that sounds weird, but that wasn’t the last time I got to see them. What a relief that all of that nervousness and afraidness was all worth it. Next time I do a thing like this, I will become a pro and I won’t even think about all the doubters that said I couldn’t do it! I will keep my head held high and I will do it, do it, do it! This was the longest 22 minutes of my entire life and I will make sure that I make it across the next one. I am planning to walk across another one. It’s going to be a surprise!

This is my argument/narrative I worked on for about half an hour or more. We had to do it about the Grand Canyon. This is it! As you go by make sure to leave me a shoot of comments including FF and FB!

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