Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Inquiry Presentations Reflection

Our group is the ‘Reasons Group’. The members are Taylor, Caprice, Tanisslous, Niko, Danisha and Willy. Our group answered questions like how and why WW1 and 2 began. We used a lot of websites to help us answer our questions. Hard work and effort was put into this!

As a whole group, we agreed that we needed to improve on making it original, using a range of different media types, and having the confidence to speak what we researched with pride. But, if I was to improve something independently, it would have to be the way it was presented. For example, making it engaging and worthwhile to watch and listen to.

From another group Weapons 1, I learnt that the machine gun was the best weapon to be used in war even though 4-6 men had to control it. This is because it was easy to target soldiers. From the same group, I also learnt that the Disappearing Gun was hard to spot from the sea and was hard to target.

This is my Inquiry Presentations Reflection I completed for this term. Be sure to eave me some comments about my work including FF and FB.

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