Monday, 18 November 2013

My Friendship Poem 2013

Friendship is love and care that you cherish,
Let none of your friendships perish,
Hope and belief,
Brings so much relief ,
Friendship involves flesh, blood and bone,
Machines like some have no feeling especially drones.
Friendships are as bright as a pale moonlight,
Shining on you might be a delight.

Friendship is a speck of light,
That should glow ever so bright,
No friends of mine should have to suffer,
Just to prove that they are tougher,
Tell no one their secrets,
Let no one seek it,
Take your friendship to your grave and after life,
Keep it safe and never tell them a lie,
Take the road that leads to peace,
Me and my friends shall release,
The painful times that we suffered
Will only make us tougher.

By: Caprice Tokoa

This is my poem which relates to peace and friendship. Friendship a special gift. You cannot buy it or sell it. To make a special friendship like me and my friends have, you have to respect their opinions and relate them to your self some how. Leave me some comments which include FF and FB about my work!

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