Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Autobiography

This week I presented my autobiography in front of my class. There are some personal information I have deleted because I'm being cyber smart. In my presentation I shared interesting information about my life, inspirations, and future aspirations!

My Autobiography- My Life, My Truth!

Who Am I?
Kia Ora! My name is Caprice Tokoa and I am 11 years old. My name is french italian. My heritage is Cook Island Maori, I have 3 brothers, but zero sisters. My family is very supportive to me and I love my family just the way they are. I have dark brown eyes, chocolate brown hair with traces of black. I live with my 3 brothers, my mum, my step dad, and my puppy. I like to hang out in my room, have fun with my friends, and play  with my family at home. I am an outside person more than an inside. This is because I love to play and have fun.
Timeline: My Life, My Truth...

2002- Was my very first birthday. I got spoilt and another amazing thing happened. I learnt how to walk on my own.
2003- Well, I started at Moanataiari Kindergarten and my brother Cavhyon was born on the 18 of January, 2003. On a Sunday.
2004- I won a cutest baby picture in Thames with 1,000 dollars to go with a baby prize pack.
2005- During 2005, my little cousin Trinity was born in Middlemore Hospital.
2006- The first primary school I attended was in 2006. The school I went to for one year was Manurewa South.
2007- Then in 2007, I started at Everglade Primary School for two years.
2008- Well? My mum moved to Panmure with my 3 brothers, and my step  dad. That was when I lived with my real dad in Manukau.
2009- I had many injuries and had to move to my mums house. This was because my dad was to busy to take me to the hospital when I needed to go! I attended the last primary school of my life, Tamaki Primary School. I was in Room 8 and my teacher was Miss Kyla.
2010- I then had another little cousin named Lincoln. Who was a boy. He loved to move around and crawl all over.
2011- Then it hit 2011. In 2011, we got netbooks. When I was in Room 8. But the thing was only Room 8 got them for the first time. We had to learn about how to use shortcuts and things like that. Netbooks are just like laptops, but a smaller version!
2012- The next year was 2012 and I was still in Room 8 and we got a cute husky, pitbull blue eyed puppy named Yogi Bear.
2013- Finally last but not least 2013. I became a year 7. A early adolescence. I became a year 7 and a young adult.

Aspirations(what I want to be when I’m older):
My aspirations are to be a forensic scientist, a chef, and a actress. I will get to either one of these by focusing on my education.

I have chose to become these three aspirations because one, a forensic scientist investigate and find clues, two, a chef gets to cook for people, and even if they get this far, they could even become a professional chef, and cook for celebrities, and three. An actress because I love to watch movies. All sorts as well! Comedy, drama, adventure, action,
history/discovery/documentary etc.

2013- 2014
11-12 years old
Complete Year 7 and 8 at school and go to college.
13 years old
Begin at college. Take subjects that will help achieve my aspiration. Subjects:Cooking- Hospitality, Actress- Drama, and Forensic- Science.
2015- 2020- 18 years old
Begin looking for university and finish college.
2021- 2025-23 years old
I will begin university and study how to become a forensic scientist and more about forensics. I will spend the amount of time in class that I need to and I will focus more on about me becoming a forensic scientist.
2026- 24 years old
I will still be in University. Studying to become a forensic and backup studying to become a actress, or a chef.
2027- 25 years old
My estimation is that at the age of 25, I will reach at least one of my future aspirations.

Inspirational(people I look up to):
To become a forensic scientist, I look up to Dr Michael M. Baden. This is because he has been a forensic for about a time I can’t even keep up with. To become a chef, I look up to my mum, and my nana. This is because my nana cooks from the heart. Family recipes? She made our family and the recipe proud! My mum because she is just like my nana, she cooks from the heart. Even though she adds crazy ingredients, her food still tastes yum! To become a actress I look up to two actors. Johnny Depp and Eddy Murphy. This is because Johnny Depp acts on kids movies, and comedy movies. He leaves me a clear message and makes me think that he’s right here with me. Eddy Murphy because he’s a funny actor on comedy movies.

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