Thursday, 3 May 2012

NZ Artist - Nigel Brown - Information Report

In 1949 a new baby was born. His full name was Nigel Roderick Brown and he was born in Invercargill. He spent most of his time in a packing shed because he was raised on a farm.

Did you know that Nigel Brown graduated at Auckland University and went to Elam School Of Fine Arts? This is because he wanted to be a famous artist around the world and today he’s a famous NZ artist.

Nigel uses big and bold things. In nearly all of his artworks, they have letters about NZ in them. He uses big and bold things so people can really feel like they can be in his artworks. A sentence he used was “Each Lost Separate.”

Some of the famous artworks that he has created is the Rural Clothing, Embrace At Sea, Sees art as a mystery growing object, Black Singlet and Let time be still. If you search these names up on google images with Nigel Brown with the name then the artworks will come up.  

Have you ever wondered what he describes himself as? Well he says that he’s expressive and he really makes his paintings look realistic. Did you know that at the age of ten him and his dad went tramping for the very first time in NZ? This is because he wanted to discover more about this new country NZ.

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